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Information we need to fast-track your listing

For certain kinds of castings, we're going to be asking for extra information before your casting call can appear on site. If you want to send us this information up front, we can get your listing live on site more quickly!

Here's the kind of thing we might ask you for:

  • Links to your work e.g. IMDb profile
  • Your company website
  • Send us an email from the email address that matches your company domain (e.g. if you're Jane from 'I Make Films', and you have a company email address, send us an email from '' to confirm your association with the company, rather than your Gmail. Please include in your email the email address that is linked to your StarNow profile so that we can easily trace which StarNow profile the verification is for.
  • If you want to cast minors, we'll need a copy of your photo ID to keep on file, e.g. passport or driver's license. Find out more about working with our younger members here.
  • We rarely place casting calls where talent must pay a fee to you. There are some exceptions to this rule (for example, established beauty pageants). If there are costs to talent involved with your casting, let us know what and why, and we may be able to consider your listing.  Any costs to talent must be clearly stated on the listing so our members know in advance about this.
Creating a great listing - great briefs attract great talent

We've noticed certain briefs attract our best talent – and they have a few things in common:

  • Short and sweet
  • Packed full of details that matter
  • Honest and upfront
Talent love it when you:

Tell them a little about your project
Is it a comedy? A horror? Is there any graphic content that I should know about?

Tell them where this project will be seen
Online? In-house training video? Network TV?

Tell them what kind of experience/ credits you have
Student filmmaker? Independent photographer? Experienced filmmaker?

Give them an idea of dates and location
When's the audition? When will it shoot? Will I need to travel?

Be upfront about what you can pay and why
Hmmmm, zero budget film by a film student not paying? I could give that a go. Well-paying TV commercial made by a pro crew? Seems fair!

Let them know what is required of them
Will I have to do anything out of the ordinary? Dye my hair? Do stunt work?

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