COMING SOON: The Very responsive to messages badge shows which StarNow members respond quickly and consistently to messages. To get the badge, you must have achieved both of the following over the last 7 days:

  • An average response rate of 90%
  • An average response time of under 1 hour

When you have achieved this badge it will display on your profile for anyone to see, improving your likelihood of being contacted for roles. You will also appear higher in the Talent Directory and you will be seen by more Casting Professionals.

Want to respond faster? Download the iPhone app to receive instant message notifications.
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How are response rate and response time defined?

Response rate is the percentage of new messages you receive that you reply to on the same day.

Response time is the average time it takes you to reply to new messages in one day.

Please keep in mind that response rate and response time are based only on your first reply in a conversation, not follow-up messages in the same conversation that day.

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