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Listings containing nudity

At StarNow, we understand that everyone has a different level of comfort with what is considered appropriate in terms of nudity in an artistic context.

We've created these rules for our community with a view to keeping our members safe, while allowing them access to quality opportunities.

Any listing including nudity that is accepted must be for 18 years + and paid at or above National Minimum Wage.

We will contact advertisers requesting roles that include nudity to verify details of the production, the production company and to request a copy of ID such as a passport or drivers license.

Advertisers will need a professional company website, with a matching company email address.

What kind of listings will we accept, that require full nudity?
  • A scripted role in an established film, TV or theatre production, that includes nudity within the context of a story e.g: An actor playing a role in Game of Thrones where the story is set in a brothel
  • Life modeling jobs where members are requested to pose naked for professional art classes
What about implied nudity?

We define implied nudity as where a member may appear nude, but at all times will be covered (by a sheet/object etc) and wearing underwear.

As with full nudity, implied nudity must be for 18 years + and paid at or above National Minimum Wage, and we will contact advertisers for full details of their production.

We will consider accepting listings that require implied nudity for the following types of work only, and if the nudity is part of a story or to sell a specific product:

  • Film
  • Television series and Television Commercials
  • Print modeling
  • Music Videos
  • Short films
  • Theatre
What kind of listings will we not accept?
  • No adult work
  • No porn
  • No nude photo shoots
  • No nudity for work that will be part of a private portfolio
  • No nude entertainment (chapless waiters, live entertainment etc)
  • No glamour modeling
  • No nudity or implied nudity that is not part of an established film, TV or theatre production where nudity is relevant to the context of a story

If you have any further questions please contact us.

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