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Saving talent to a list


Keep track of great talent on StarNow, by adding them straight from the Talent Directory to your own custom named list, e.g 'Guys with beards'.

You can create multiple lists and save them so you can go back to them anytime.
It's easy to contact members on your lists and to share your lists with others.

Note: you must be signed into StarNow to save talent to lists.

Creating a list
  1. Follow this link and select the 'Create' or 'New List' button. Alternatively, you can save members directly from the Talent Directory by clicking the 'Save' icon under each members' headshot.

  2. Give your list a name, which remains private to you.

  3. Add members to one or multiple lists by selecting the check boxes next to each of your lists.

You can create up to 50 lists, and delete lists you no longer require by clicking the trash can icon. You can add up to 200 members to each list.

You can opt to 'Save' the talent to your list, or save and follow them by also selecting the tick box above the 'Save' button. See more information on following members here.

Members are not notified if you add them to your list. Your lists are private to you unless you choose to share them. If a member changes their profile to private, they will be permanently removed from any saved lists.

Contacting members on your list
  1. Go to the 'Saved Talent' button under the 'Talent Directory' tab, or in your drop down menu (for signed in members).

  2. Click on one of your lists, selecting individual members using the checkboxes on their headshots.
  3. Click the 'Message' icon from the toolbar. To contact all members on your list at once, use the 'Message All' button.

If you are subscriber, you can contact up to 50 members for free per month. If you are a Trial Member (non-paying), you will need to purchase credits to contact members on your list. Credits are not required for members you have previously contacted. Find out more about credits here.

Sharing your lists

Share your lists with your colleagues by clicking the 'Share List' button at the top of any of your lists, then copy and paste the unique link and share it via email.

Your list name will remain private when your list is shared.

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