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Staff/Temps - Survival Jobs for Performers

We often hear from employers who are keen to reach out to talent for all kinds of work, not just traditional acting or modelling roles. That's why we've introduced a new category for non performance related 'survival jobs' that may suit talent – Staff/Temps.

Staff/Temp jobs are paid opportunities in flexible industries that particularly suit performers. You might need an outgoing type for customer service work, someone who can work flexible hours or prefers a short-term contract. Staff/Temp jobs are free for all StarNow members to apply to, so you can be sure you're reaching a wide audience.

Please note that unlike most casting calls where details like gender, age or a physical description may be required for a role, Staff/Temp jobs fall under usual employment discrimination laws for your country. For this reason, we don't ask for this information when you're placing a listing for a Staff/Temp job.

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