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Showreels that engage your audience

In this industry a showreel is a powerful marketing tool. It is the most effective way of presenting yourself, your skills and your personality. Choose content that makes people sit up and watch!

Things to remember when selecting showreel content:

  • Keep the showreel around three minutes in length.
  • Only include substantial roles (no extras roles) and edit tightly around your scenes.
  • Demonstrate your versatility.
  • Do not include gimmicks like 'You are about to meet the next big star!'.
  • Include your name and contact details at the beginning and / or end of the showreel.
  • Think about using a montage at the start of your showreel to quickly show a range of your work.
Great presenter showreel:
Great actor showreel:
Great dancer showreel:
Great model showreel:

With thanks to the following StarNow members for letting StarNow use their awesome showreels as examples:

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