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Managing applications to your listing

Credits and recommended extras

What are credits?

Credits are StarNow's new currency. For casting professionals, this means you can buy credits to contact new talent straight from the Talent Directory or your Saved Talent page.

For talent, it means they can buy credits and add a few recommended extras to their applications.

What are recommended extras?

When talent apply to your castings, they can now add a few extras to their applications to make them stand out from the crowd: pinning media and highlighting.

What’s ‘pinning media’?

Talent can pick their most relevant media (i.e. a photo, video, and/or audio track) and ‘pin’ them to the top of their application. This is their chance to pick something special and prove to you that they're perfect for the role, and means that you will see their most relevant work first.

What’s a highlighted application?

Talent make their application stand out even more by highlighting it, which means their profile will have a green border around it when you view the list of applicants. This won't affect the order you see them in; they'll still be sorted by most relevant.

How can I buy credits and check my balance?

You can buy credits in packs. If you have a StarNow subscription, you can contact up to 50 other members per month free of charge. Trial (non-paying) members need to buy credits to contact other members.

Your credit balance can be viewed from Settings and you can top up from there too.

I already have credits from StarNow's old contact system. Are those still valid?

Yes. If you had unused credits, they have been carried over to the new system.

Where did my saved card details come from?

When you upgrade your StarNow profile, we securely save your payment details so your subscription can continue each month.

If I change my credit card details when buying credits, will that update the card details used for my subscription?

No, it won't affect the card details saved for your subscription.

I have unused credits. Can I exchange them for cash?

Credits are non-refundable, so spend them and find some new talent!

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