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How to Find Influencer Jobs

You can now connect to brands seeking Digital Influencers on StarNow.

You don't need to be Insta-famous to be right for this kind of work – just have a love of posting great content that your followers enjoy!

So, whether you have 500 followers or 500,000, we recommend you update your interests to include 'Influencers', so we can let you know about brands looking for content on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.

This is a brand-new category that we'll be building out over time, so watch this space for more features to help influencers and brands create great work together.

Not sure how to get started? Check out our Influencer blog for a step-by-step guide.

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What you can expect to get paid as an Influencer

We believe that as an Influencer you should be paid fairly for the work you do – just like other types of talent.

Your earnings as an Influencer will vary widely depending on your following, engagement rate and experience. Check out our blog for our detailed guide on questions you should ask when working as influencer, which includes a guide to how and what you should be getting paid.