Talent Directory

How do I appear in the Talent Directory?

If you want to add your photo (headshot) to the Talent Directory you need to be a subscriber.

How do I add a headshot?

You can add a headshot from your desktop computer, or straight from your phone using our iPhone app. You can either upload a new photo or choose a photo from your profile.

  1. Make sure your photo is looking awesome (follow this guide).
  2. Go to My Profile and click on the headshot image. Choose either 'Upload new' or 'Choose from profile photos'.
  3. Make sure it fits all the requirements.
  4. Upload your photo and we'll automatically crop it. Make sure you're happy and then click 'Looks good!'.
  5. Your new headshot will be sent to our Customer Success team for approval. Once approved, it will show on your profile. If you are a subscriber, it will also show in the Talent Directory.

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