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Managing applications to your listing

Managing your applications

To manage your applicants, go to My Listings and click the 'Manage applications' button.

You'll now see the details of everyone who has applied to your casting call. You can contact applicants directly, add notes, place feedback, and print out individual profiles or the full list of applicants.

Let's do a quick whip around of some of the key features.

Key features for managing applicants
Filtering applicants
1. Filtering applicants These filters are automatically set to display talent who match your brief (e.g. age, location etc). You can use these to widen or narrow your criteria and view applicants who fall outside of your original brief (you can also find non-matching applicants under the 'Unsuitable' folder). Filters will turn blue if you select options that differ from your listing's original criteria.

Inviting suggested applicants to apply
2. Inviting suggested applicants to apply View suggested applicants for your listing and if you like the look of them, simply click the 'invite' button and we'll email them inviting them to apply to your casting. Learn more

Quick view
3. Quick view Change the view to the most relevant for you - see photos, videos, audio, physical attributes or Q&A's at a glance.

Bulk actions
4. Bulk actions Save time by using the blue 'bulk-action' toolbar to message, move, share, download, and print many applicants at once.

Use the 'Select all' button to select everyone in that folder, or tick the checkbox next to the names of the relevant applicants. Next, choose the action you'd like to do. Easy.

Organise applicants
5. Organise applicants Manage your applicants by moving members between folders. Don't worry... we never notify the applicant - folders are private to you! You can use the 'Move to' button, or click the icons below each headshot to choose 'Unsuccessful' 'Maybe' 'Shortlist' or 'Got the Part'

Tip: To quickly move many people at once, select the applicants you want to move using the 'select all' button or the check box next to each name, then select 'Move to' button and choose the folder you'd like to move these people to.

Collaborate with others
6. Collaborate with others Need someone else to view these applicants? Select the ones you want, click this share button and you'll get a special link to allow others to view them. Your colleague doesn't need a StarNow account or log in details to view your list. Learn more

Export to a spreadsheet
7. Export to a spreadsheet Need to share key details or make a call sheet? Select profiles and click 'Download' to create a spreadsheet filled with key info.

Rate applicants
8. Rate applicants Quickly rate applicants. Rating are private to you and if the member applies to a future listing of yours, we'll show you a reminder of your last rating of them.

Add notes
9. Add notes Keep track of your applicants by adding notes. Just like moving applicants between folders - your notes are private to you.

Sort order
10. Sort order You can choose to sort members in a variety of ways: Pro members first/Newest Applications First/Oldest Applications First/Name. Pro members are our most active and experienced talent - this status cannot be purchased by must be earned.

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