Industry advice

1.  Get educated! Look for ways to improve your education, such as acting courses.

2.  Networking is a great way to get a break into this industry. Contact other StarNow members, join online groups or your local theatre companies.

3.  Be aware of scams. Read our audition information and safety advice and modeling information and safety advice before you proceed with an audition or join an agency.

4.  Stay fit and healthy. The way you look and feel will play a big part in whether you are cast for a part.

5.  Get as much experience as you can, even if that means taking non-paying acting jobs or TFP photo shoots.

6.  Keep trying - there are many reasons why you might not get chosen. Think of each audition as practice towards the next.

7.  Shop around for the right photographer or makeup artist. Agencies may offer these services, but you are under no obligation to use them. Agencies will sometimes offer courses or workshops. These should always be optional and you are under no obligation to attend them.

8.  If you want to be noticed, then get yourself a good show reel. If you are a musician, upload as many songs as possible. The more directors can see and hear of you, the better your chances are of getting the role.

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