Talent Directory

How do I move up in the Talent Directory?

Our Talent Directory is searched over 100,000 times a week by people looking for different skills and attributes. Want to get noticed? There are lots of small things that you can do to move up a little in the Talent Directory and increase your chances of getting scouted!

Please note: paying members are the only ones guaranteed to appear in the Talent Directory. View membership options for details.

Check out these simple tips to move on up in the Talent Directory

  • Get Active

    The more active you are on StarNow, the higher you'll rank in the Talent Directory.

    Visit us! Every time you visit the StarNow website, and are signed in, you move up a little! (You don't need to sign in from scratch each time - if you are always signed in, great! We'll still know each time you visit)

    Upgrade to apply to castings - paying members are the only ones guaranteed to appear in the Talent Directory.

    Earn your 'Very Responsive Status' - Members who respond to messages in 24 hours or less will automatically earn a 'very responsive' badge, which will give you a boost. Your badge will appear on your profile.

  • Get Recommended

    Every time you are recommended by a member or advertiser, you move up. If you are shortlisted or cast, it also counts!

    Recommendations - Recommend talent you've worked with and ask them to recommend you back - Hot tip: request a recommendation through Facebook!

    Applications - Apply for a job to up your chances of being shortlisted or cast.

  • Get Social

    Use your network. For every 'like' you get on a photo, video or audio track on your profile, you move up a little. The same goes for each 'follow' you get.

    Following - Follow new people, get followed - Hot tip: When you follow others, they're more likely to follow you back.

    Likes - Like others' photos, receive likes.

    Profile Views - Use the share buttons on your profile to get profile views - they help you move up too.

  • Get up-to-date

    Gained new credits and experience? Changed your hair colour? Make sure you update it on your profile. The more information on your profile, the higher up on the Talent Directory you'll appear.

    Photos - Add profile photos. The more you add to your profile the better!

    Headshot - Update your headshot. If you don't have a headshot, you'll move right down in the Talent Directory.

  • Each step will result in your profile moving up in the Talent Directory, and give you a better chance of being noticed by Casting Professionals who are looking for what YOU have to offer.
  • FAQ

    How quickly will I move up once I do one of the things above?
    The Talent Directory updates every 15 minutes.

    Can I move down as well as up?
    Yes, you can. The system is designed to showcase the most active members and if you haven't signed in for a long time or never apply to anything, you will slowly start to move down in position.

    Does being a Pro member count?
    Yes! When you become Pro, you move up a little in the Talent Directory. You can check if you're Pro Eligible on your Settings page.

    Why does it matter how many likes and follows I have? Shouldn't it be all about my skill?
    Likes and follows make up a small part of what helps you move up (just like all the other actions you can take - every little bit helps). Casting Professionals are actively looking to cast people who have a network of followers so we've made it easy to find you if you're a super social type.

These tips are a general guide to where you appear in our Talent Directory. Generally, the more active you are on StarNow, and the more complete and up to date your profile is, the higher up you will appear.