Profile management

Uploading audio

Trial members can add 1 audio file on their profile. With other membership options you can have 10 or more audio files on a profile.

Files can be up to 10 minutes long and can have a file size of up to 100MB.

Before you upload an audio file, make sure your audio is in one of the following formats:

.m4a, .mp3, .ogg, .wav, and .wma.

To upload an audio file:

  1. Make sure the audio file is saved on your computer in an easy to find location.
  2. Sign in, go to the My Profile tab to the left of the screen and click on edit my media, audio, and then upload audio.
  3. Click on 'Choose file' and navigate to find the audio file on your hard drive.
  4. Select the audio file and click on 'Upload audio'. You can cancel the uploading at any time. The file will take between a few seconds to a few minutes to load.
  5. Use the audio options to upload the file as a voice-over or monologue track.
  6. Click 'update' and the audio file will show on your profile.
  7. If the file says 'Processing', please check it again later. It usually takes 10 minutes until the audio can be played on your profile.

If you are having any problems uploading your audio files, you can email them to contact@starnow.com and we will be happy to upload them for you.

To support other members and increase the popularity of their audio files, you can 'like' them. The audio that you like will then appear on your Facebook page.

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