Profile management


You can comment on, or ‘like’, another member’s profile, photos, videos, or audio tracks on StarNow.

It’s a great way to connect with other members and give feedback on their work. They’re also likely to return the favour by checking out your profile!

To ‘like’ something, just click on the green ‘Like’ button (the one with the thumbs-up) under the member’s photo, video or audio track.

Coming soon: New comments on photos will appear on your StarNow Activity Feed soon.

How to post a comment

You need to be signed in to post a comment.

Write and post your comment below the member’s photo, video or audio track. Your comment will appear immediately with your headshot and a link to your profile.

You can also reply to another comment. Just click on ‘Reply’ below the comment.

Before posting a comment, please read and follow our guidelines:

  1. Be nice to other members. Don’t post any offensive or abusive comments.
  2. Don’t post links to external websites.
  3. Don’t post a comment merely to promote yourself.
  4. Don’t try to contact other members by posting a comment on their profile.
  5. For safety reasons, never post your own contact details, e.g. your home address, email address, or phone number.
Viewing comments on your profile

To view any comments on your profile, check out the Comments tab on your profile page.

If another member has left a comment on your profile that makes you uncomfortable, you can delete it immediately and also report it to us. Do this by using the ‘Delete’ or ‘Report’ links next to the comment.

Consequences for members who have posted inappropriate comments range from a warning, through to their StarNow membership being removed.

How to switch off comments

You can disable comments at any time by updating your options on your My Profile tab under Privacy Options.

Comments are switched on automatically for everyone apart from our under-18 members. If you or your child is under 18 and you’d like to allow comments on your profile, update your Privacy Options, as above.

Email notifications

To stop receiving these emails, update your Email Settings.

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