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StarNow Pro and casting professionals

StarNow Pro status is given to our most active actors, models and dancers, who are industry professionals. StarNow Pro is not for sale – our subscribers have to earn it.

StarNow Pro Members will appear higher up in the Talent Directory. Their applications to jobs & casting calls will also appear first in your application management system – the area in your 'My Listings' where you manage all applications to your castings.

What are the criteria for StarNow Pro?

We hand-pick our StarNow Pro Members based on their professionalism, as well as their commitment to the industry and to StarNow.

  • StarNow Pro Members need to have a subscription to be eligible for StarNow Pro.
  • They need to be registered on the site as being in business.
  • They need to have plenty of industry credits, as well as quality photos, audio and videos on their profile.

How will I recognise a StarNow Pro Member?

StarNow Pro Members will appear at the top of your list of applicants with a “Pro” badge by their name and headshot.

We believe these members are the highest-quality applicants, so this feature should save you time when you're casting for a production.

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