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How to add an attachment to a message

We know the casting process sometimes requires scripts, extra photos and more to be shared and we want to make this quick and easy.

You can now add an attachment to all messages on StarNow, with one important exception. To prevent unwanted spam, you won’t be able to add an attachment when contacting someone for the first time. However, if they’ve applied to your listing, or you’ve messaged them previously you’ll be able to use the ‘Attach file’ feature.

To add an attachment via the Application Management System, you will need to sign in, go to the ‘My listings’ tab and open your listing.

You can then tick the boxes next to the member(s) you wish to contact, then click ‘Message’. This will take you to the messaging page where you can write your message and attach your file using the ‘Attach file’ button.

Most common file types can be uploaded as an attachment and you can send up to three attachments per message.

Once you have uploaded an attachment it will be saved for 6 months, so you can simply choose from the dropdown menu next time you want to send the same attachment.


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