Holly Emmett

Holly Emmett Pro

London, United Kingdom


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Holly was punctual and professional. She delivered what the project requires ahead of time, and the quality was of a high standard. If you want to work with a real professional, I really recommend Holly!

Recommended for Acting Feb 5, 2021

Holly is easy to work with, creative and reliable. Thanks a lot.

Recommended for Acting Jun 27, 2020

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Very Helpful and good to work with. Would recommend.

Recommended for Acting May 12, 2020

Holly is a fantastic model!

Recommended for Modelling Feb 20, 2020

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Holly was amazing , very patient and excellent to work with . Many thanks

Recommended for Modelling Nov 25, 2019

Holly is not only a great person, but dedicated to put herself out there! Made a great contribution to our project!

Recommended for Acting Aug 3, 2019

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Lovely to work with and took direction well.

Recommended for Extras May 23, 2019

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It was such a blast working with Holly today! She has amazing expressions which really brightened up the shoot! She is very calm and professional! 100% RECOMMENDED!!!

Recommended for Modelling May 22, 2019

Holly was fantastic, easy to work with, took direction well and bought a great attitude to the shoot

Recommended for Modelling Apr 25, 2019

Very professional, right attitude, patient and took directions well!

Recommended for Extras Apr 2, 2019

Holly is professional and very lovely person to work with. She works hard but enjoys the work too. She is woman going places. I you are lucky to work with her I’m sure you’ll be adding a high recommendation too.

Recommended for Modelling Mar 12, 2019

Holly is great to work with, dedicated, outgoing and takes direction well. Many thanks Holly!

Recommended for Running & Assisting Apr 15, 2018

Holly was the leading actress in my short film Time's Up and she delivered an excellent performance. She performed her role perfectly and convincingly and was very friendly too. I would recommend her both as an actress and a person.

Recommended for Acting Apr 13, 2018

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Excellent actor, worked independently and took directions well.

Recommended for Acting Jul 15, 2017

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Holly was great to work with!

Recommended for Acting Jun 5, 2017

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Holly played the role of a technology user for 1 sketch in my web comedy sketch show "The Faction of Farce." Understood her briefing well, prompt, professional, and polite throughout. Great use of facial expressions. A dedicated and talented actress.

Recommended for Acting May 16, 2017

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Holly was so charming. A joy to work with!

Recommended for Acting May 10, 2017

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Holly was efficient, expressive and wonderful to work with! A talented actress, highly recommended :)

Recommended for Acting Jan 10, 2017

Recommended for Oct 17, 2019

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Recommended for Acting Oct 15, 2017