Izzy S

Izzy S Pro

London, United Kingdom


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Izzy has great energy and dedication to her craft with a wonderful personality to match. I would definitely recommend her in this creative field.

Recommended for Modelling Aug 24, 2021

Very easy to work with and super friendly, looked great on camera and would work again with in a heartbeat.

Recommended for Modelling Jun 4, 2021

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In person Izzy is a delight. She is charming, intelligent and articulate - great fun to have on a shoot. As a model she is exceptional; Izzy poses with or without direction and those poses flow from one into another with flair and creativity and she has a good understanding in regards to placing herself to best advantage in varying light set-ups.I would highly recommend Izzy and you will get a great deal of enjoyment, and great results

Recommended for Modelling May 1, 2021

Izzy was fantastic! She was professional and great to work with. We would love to work with her again in the future!

Recommended for Modelling Apr 6, 2021

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I highly recommend Izzy. She participated in our photo-shooting for our product. She has the best natural smile and she showed professionalism in every photo/video. Izzy also posted and mentioned us in her story post on Instagram. Thank you Izzy.

Recommended for Modelling Mar 12, 2021

Izzy was a pleasure to have on set. She was professional and easy to work with, both as an actor on screen and as a model for stills photography. She took direction well, and was flexible and helpful to us and our requests of her. I'd love to work with her again.

Recommended for Acting Feb 19, 2021

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Amazing to work with on set. Very professional and adapts well to circumstances. Took direction well and ended up with a fantastic video!. Highly recommended.

Recommended for Modelling Feb 15, 2021

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Izzy is a great talent to work with. Professional and communicative in the build up to the shoot and delivered excellent work on set. Responded to direction well and brought loads to the character. Highly recommended.

Recommended for Acting Nov 8, 2020

We had Izzy model with us on a seasoned themed shoot in the City. She arrived on time and worked well with all the photographers involved. Highly Recommended! Thank you, Izzy!

Recommended for Modelling Sep 30, 2020

Worked with Izzy on a lifestyle stills and video shoot. Super punctual and a great model. Highly recommended!

Recommended for Modelling Aug 2, 2020

Izzy was great to work with! Professional and passionate when on set. Will be working with her again

Recommended for Modelling Jul 21, 2020

Izzy mentioned my medi- facials on her instagram story and posted some lovely photos of her using the product. She was very attentive to my messages. Thank you Izzy <3

Recommended for Beauty Jun 11, 2020

Izzy is fantastic to work with. Professional, smart and really cares about projects she gets involved with. Highly recommended!

Recommended for TV & Reality Jun 8, 2020

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I can recommend Isabella as a professional actor! We have used her skills to create the App promotion video. She followed all the guidelines perfectly!

Recommended for Acting Apr 14, 2020

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Izzy is great to work with, she is responsive, enthusiastic and professional.

Recommended for Modelling Oct 15, 2019