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Queensland, Australia
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Physical Attributes

155 cm / 5ft 1in
45 kg / 99 lbs
South Asian
Skin color:
Less than 50 cm / 20 in
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • Thirteen Lives - Director Ron Howard : Wild Boars soccer team
  • Queensland Govenment Child Safety Officer Recruitment TVC : Hero child
  • Cinetorium : Cyber Ghost short film role of Tyke
  • John Paul College : "Chicago" role of Police Officer
  • Brisbane Arts Theatre : “Jungle Book” - role of Mowgli
  • "Young Rock" TV series - NBC : School boy
  • Nine Perfect Strangers TV series : School boy
  • "Discover Ipswich" promotional print campaign - Ipswich City Council : Featured child
  • John Paul College online Talent Quest : Secondary school third place - monologue
  • ROAR Academy - ROAR Talent Time : Judges Choice winner, Junior section for monologue
  • Griffith University Film School Graduate film : "The Game" - role of Chris
  • Oz Kids Network "Skit That" Episode 1 : Social Distancing skit
  • John Paul College : "Wicked" - ensemble (on hold)
  • Escape & Evasion - Feature Film (Storm Ashwood - Director, Bronte Pictures) : Tan - supporting role
  • Neilena Bazley : "Atonement" - short film. Young Apollo lead role
  • Luminare Media - Benjamin Evans : Paua music video - lead role
  • Madison Fashion Magazine : Featured model
  • Brisbane Arts Theatre : “Jungle Book” - role of Mowgli
  • Phoenix Ensemble : “Aladdin” - role of Omar
  • Human Experience Director Richard MacGregor : “The Fort of Happiness” short film - Riki lead role
  • Leelyn Crudas : “The Chosen One” short film - lead role
  • Vuly Trampolines - The Creative Imagineers : Print Model
  • Sea World - TVC Swim with Dolphins shoot : Featured child
  • Suncorp : TVC - featured child
  • Queensland Musical Theatre : “South Pacific” - Role of Jerome
  • Shutter Creative - Anti Drink Driving TVC : Hero boy
  • Griffith University Film School - "The Magician" short film : Ethan - lead role
  • Smart Artz Entertainment "Musical Christmas" : Featured child
  • Hired Goons - "Playtime" short film : Featured child
  • Channel 10 Crocamole national TV series : Co-presenter Recycling episode
  • Channel 10 Crocamole national TV series : Co-presenter My home episode
  • Spotlight Theatre : "Oliver" - ensemble
  • The Dreamers : Bliss N Eso hip hop crew music video "Friend Like You" - Hero Kid
  • Rowland : Sunwater TVC series - featured child
  • Cartel Film Production : Golden Casket TVC - featured child
  • Warner Bros Movie World : Commercial photographic shoot
  • Director Shivani Sharma : "Fly" - Fairchild music video
  • Q Super - You Can’t Be Serious Production : Commercial photographic shoot
  • Vision Pictures: "Dunamis" feature film trailer : Featured Child
  • Queensland Musical Theatre - Rodgers and Hammerstein "Cinderella" : Children's ensemble
  • Savoyards Theatre : "The King and I" - Prince
  • Starts at 60, Executive Producer / Director Stephen Kanaris : Child Interviewer
  • Incan Mayan Media : "In Place of Grace" feature film
  • Bond University Graduate Film "Sunset Nails" : Young boy
  • Spotlight Theatre : "Spotlight on Christmas" concert - singer
  • Kids Fashion Meets Music : Runway model - Chrome Kids
  • Kristy Sexton : On Set Coaching - American accent focus
  • Nomad Film TV : Goodstart Early Learning Centre - Online commercial speaking role
  • The Producers : Aussie Farmers Direct - TVC - school kid
  • Vuly Trampolines : Print model - commercial photographic campaign
  • Warren Eagles' Colour Grading Course shoot - Griffith Film School : "Paradise Awaits" short film - lead role
  • Khemistry - Anglicare TVC : Featured child - foster son - speaking role
  • Tropfest 2016 finalist short film "Hardball" : Credited role
  • Beenleigh Theatre Group : Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - child 1 speaking role
  • Like A Photon : Kindergo children's website online promotion
  • Beenleigh Theatre Group : "Bugsy Malone" role of Roxy Robinson and Looney Bergonzi
  • Beenleigh Theatre Group : Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat - main featured child
  • Lionsbridge : Voice recording Microsoft Cortana project
  • Universal Dance Company : Hip hop and tap dance classes
  • Childrens Audition Preparation Workshop : Queenie Van de Zandt
  • Beenleigh Theatre Group : Junior Entertainment Theatre Students (JETS)
  • Seaworld : Nickelodeon Land promotional photographic shoot - 2 day campaign
  • Gold Coast Arts Centre "Miss Saigon" : Played role of Tam
  • Hip Hop Artist Tu P music video "Respect My Hustle" : Lead role playing younger version of the artist
  • Online Commercial Big Brothers Big Sisters : Talent Show Judge - speaking role
  • Tamblyn Young Model Discovery competition : Grand Finalist
  • Feature Film "Red Curtain Hell" : Extra
  • Miss Jane Casting : Audition Workshop
  • The Fabulous Lemon Drops Childrens Entertainers : Music video featured dancer
  • Tell Them They Are Beautiful : Interviewed for social media campaign
  • Opera Australia The King and I : Children's cast - role of Prince Arun
  • Lendlease : Full day commercial photographic shoot
  • Global Road Technology : Commercial photographic shoot
  • Warner Bros Movie World Junior Driving School : Full day photographic shoot
  • Warner Bros Movie World Junior Driving School : Full day TVC shoot
  • Debbie Doo Childrens Entertainer : Music video featured dancer


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

Acting agent

Gilchrist Management

  • English

  • Australian

Feature Film

2021 "Thirteen Lives" NBC feature film working directly with Director Ron Howard and leads Colin Farrell, Joel Edgerton and Viggo Mortensen

2018 "Escape and Evasion" Australian feature (Bronte Pictures) supporting role Tan, working alongside Hugh Sheridan and Firass Dirani (cinema release March 2020 Netflix release April 2021)

2017 "Dunamis" feature film trailer - featured extra

2017 "In Place of Grace"Incan Mayan Media - Community Child

2015 "Red Curtain Hell" - extra


2019-2020 “Jungle Book” Brisbane Arts Theatre - lead role Mowgli

2014 "The King and I" - role of of Prince Arun in Opera Australia's production of Qld Performing Arts Centre. Performed alongside Lisa McCune and Teddy Tahu Rhodes with a number of individual character parts and a short solo part in "Getting to Know You"

2021 "Chicago" John Paul College - Police Officer

2020 "Wicked" John Paul College - ensemble

2019 “Aladdin Jr” Phoenix Young Performers, role of Omar

2018 "South Pacific" Queensland Musical Theatre, role of Jerome - dialogue and duet in French

2018 "Oliver” Spotlight Theatre - ensemble

2017 "Spotlight on Christmas" Spotlight Theatre - singer

2017 "The King and I" Savoyards Theatre - Prince

2017 "Cinderella" Queensland Musical Theatre - Trumpeter, ensemble

2016 "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" Beenleigh Theatre Company. Main featured child with a speaking role and a number of individual character parts.

2015 "Miss Saigon" Arts Theatre Gold Coast, role of Tam. He worked with a high calibre professional cast including Adrian Li Donni (Ten Tenors) Chris White (Hi-5) and Vivien Emsworth (The King and I)

2016 "Bugsy Malone" Beenleigh Theatre Group - Roxy Robinson

2016 - "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"- child 1 speaking role

TV Commercials

2021 - Queensland Government Child Safety Officer Recruitment campaign - Hero teen

2018 Suncorp TVC - featured child

2018 Sea World TVC - Swim with Dolphins shoot - featured child

2018 Shutter Creative Anti drink driving TVC - hero boy

2017 Oz Lotto and Powerball - Cartel Film Production - featured child

2017 Sunwater TVC series - featured child

2017 It Starts at 60 TVC - Stephen Karanis

2016 Goodstart Early Learning TVC Nomad Film TV - hero child

2016 Aussie Farmers Direct TVC - The Producers - school kid

2016 Anglicare TVC - Khemistry creative agency - foster child

2014 Warner Brothers Movie World - Junior Driving School TVC - extra


2020 "Young Rock" TV series - NBC - role of School Boy

2020 "Nine Perfect Strangers" TV series - role of School Boy

2018 Channel 10 Crocamole TV series "My Home" episode - child presenter

2018 Channel 10 Crocamole TV series "Recycling" episode - child presenter

Music videos

2019 Paua reggae band - “Promises and Lies” music video - Luminare Media - lead role.

2017 Bliss N Eso hip hop crew - "Friend Like You" music video - The Dreamers - lead role. Jai filmed numerous scenes including riding a bike, in hospital and a gangster fight scene in this large scale production.

2017 Fairchild music video "Fly" - lead role short film style

2015 Tu P "Respect My Hustle" hip hop music video - Young Tu.. The role involved acting out various scenarios such as buying an LP record, skateboarding, going to school and lip syncing

2014 Debbie Doo Medly You Tube clip - featured dancer

2014 The Fabulous Lemondrops music video "Let's Dance" featured dancer

Short Film

2020 "The Game" Griffith University Film School Director Samuel Newman - role of Chris

2019 “The Fort of Happiness” Human Experience Director Richard MacGregor - Riki lead role

2019 “Atonement” Director Neilena Bazley - Young Apollo shared lead role

2019 “Chosen Ones” Director Leelyn Crudas - lead role

2018 "Playtime" Hired Goons - featured child

2018 "The Magician" Griffith Film School - Ethan lead role

2017 "Sunset Nails" - Bond University Graduate short film - Young Boy

2016 "Paradise Awaits" shot by Griffith Film School in conjunction with Warren Eagles

2015 "Hardball" Tropfest Finalist film. Role of Dirk alongside accomplished Australian Actors and Producers Guy Edmonds and Matt Zeremes


2020 Oz Kids Network "Skit That" episode 1 - social distancing skit. Australian Production House

2018 "Musical Christmas" Smart Arts Entertainment, featured child

2016 "Kindergo" - Promotional online shoot for children's website

2015 "Big Brothers Big Sisters", Talent Show Judge (speaking role)

2015 "Tell Them They are Beautiful" Valentines Day Special social media campaign - interviewee


Extras experience

Previous speaking roles

Extras agent

Ego management


Modeling experience

Part-time model - paid commercial work

Modelling agent

Gilchrist Management

2020 - "Discover Ipswich" Ipswich City Council promotional campaign print model

2019 - Madison Fashion Magazine featured model

2018 - Vuly Trampolines commercial photographic shoot print model

2017 - Warner Bros Movie World - commercial photographic shoot Road Runner Rollercoaster

2017 - QSuper photoshoot - You Can’t Be Serious Production

2017 - Krome Kids model - Kids Fashion Meets Music runway show

2016 - Vuly Trampolines print model commercial photographic campaign

2015 - Seaworld 2 day commercial photograhic campaign

2015 - Grand finalist - Tamblyn Young Model Search

2014 Professional experience on stage with Opera Australia's "The King and I" production, involved in media photos and filming (television news promotion with four channels, Totally Wild, The 730 Report, The Great South East)

2014 - Photographic shoot for Warner Brothers Movie World, to promote the new Junior Driving School attraction.

2014 - Commercial photographic shoot for Lend Lease

2014 -Commercial photographic shoot for Global Road Technology

TV & Reality

2018 Channel 10 Crocamole TV series "My Home" episode - child presenter

2018 Channel 10 Crocamole TV series "Recycling" episode - child presenter

2014 Channel 10, 9, 7 ABC - media launches and interviews for "The King and I" professional stage production

2014 Totally Wild, The 730 Report and The Great South East - featured in segments promoting "The King and I" professional stage production


Dancing ability


Dance styles
  • Breakdancing
  • Contemporary
  • Jazz
  • Tap
  • Hip Hop

2014 - Jai was invited to dance with popular Child Entertainer Debbie Doo in the production of her music dvd. This was a professional engagement with only four children selected for dancing and speaking parts for the dvd.

2015 - Jai participated in the filming of the Fabulous Lemon Drops music dvd. He was asked to do a solo dance for inclusion in the music clip.

Jai attended jazz and tap classes at Born to Dance Nerang from 2012 - 2015 inclusive and has performed in the shows "Let Me Entertain You" in 2015, "Songs of the Silver Screen" in 2014, "Tribute to the Tony Awards" in 2013 and "Back to the Future" in 2012. In 2016 he trained in hip hop and tap dancing at Universal Dance Company and performed in the show "Time Travel". In 2017 Jai trained in hip hop and breakdancing with Team Cream Studios

He also attended a primary school with a performing arts focus and has performed in the annual school musicals, Poca Voce choir, Boys Choir and First Steps dance troupe. He is currently at John Paul College with a Performing Arts Scholarship for Drama


  • English

  • Australian

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