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Victoria, Australia
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We live here

A community track written, recorded by volunteers. Co written, produced and directed by me.

01We live here
02I don't want to be alone (Radio edit)

Physical Attributes

180 cm / 5ft 11in
82 cm / 32 in
79 kg / 173 lbs
Eye color:
White / Caucasian
Hair color:
104 cm / 41 in
Hair length:
Skin color:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • We live here music video : Song writer, producer, video producer, concept, manager
  • APC domestic cleaning yes add : Script writer, voice over
  • APC domestic cleaning add : Actor
  • Crown casino : Bingo caller and host
  • Crown casino : Voiceover for internal promo adds
  • Urban quest amazing race : Hollywood producer
  • Hologate vr launch : Mc and host
  • Autocult car show : Captain america host
  • Hauntville halloween festival : Scare actor
  • Peel hotel : DJ
  • Playtime solo sunday : Event planner, host
  • Playtime Super hero day : Event planner, host, character actor
  • Oz comic con party : Event planner, host, character actor
  • Madd hatter party : Character actor, event staff
  • Playtime movie mayhem : Event planner, host, character actor
  • Amazing race : Event staff
  • Chinese wedding : Wedding host/mc
  • QV pink charity day : Promotions ambassador
  • Game on at QV Melbourne : Host, Event manager
  • Questionone : Trivia host, Character performer
  • Scream a meter, Simply energy : Mascot
  • DDR tournemant : Host, event planner,
  • Club cosplay : DJ, host
  • Hauntville halloween festival : haunted house scare actor, prmotions
  • Kingpin queen gala : karaoke host, host, dj, event planner
  • Playtime Camp Creepy : halloween event to engage with guests, manager, host, event planner, charactor
  • Midsumma festival : Stage manager
  • Midsumma festival : Stage manager
  • Add for kazique funeral events : Actor
  • music clip : Zombie extra
  • Palm Springs pride festival : DJ
  • Jmc academy : BA of entertainment business management
  • Spring fling festival : Volunteer in set up of festival
  • Bachelor of Entertainment Business Management : Studying for my Degree at JMC Academy
  • Crossroads : Actor lead
  • Ghar pardes : Actor/Dancer
  • Gold coast gay day : DJ
  • Dawn : Life drawing model
  • DJ : Brisbane pride
  • The meeting place : DJ
  • The beat megaclub : DJ
  • Human perfomance centre : Cerificate IV in fitness
  • Human perfomance centre : Boxing certification
  • ATT : Beginners acting
  • Human performance centre : Certificate III in fitness


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

  • English

  • Australian

2018 - Scare actor at Hauntville halloween festival

2018 - Interviewed for "Injustice" TV show

2018 - Character actor at Odd events

2018 - Trivia host as characters

2016 - Interviewed on bent TV

Appeared in my own beach dancing video

Extra in hip hop video

Played a zombie in the rock video for "now you die" debut single directed by Stewart Marshall. Make up done myself. See video

Played part of gay couple for internet web site add. http://kazique.com/

Extra in "Dream of a shadow" produced by the Ballas group.

Played a pimp in a short film for the USA "Conversations with my mentor"

Ghar pardes - Bollywood movie filmed in Melbourne, Gold coast & Fiji. Had a solo dance role & some extras roles in this Vimal Reddy movie. My name is in the credits.

Lead role in "Cross words" student movie about gay couple having problems. Very dialogue driven.

Was on channel 9 Gold coast news caught dancing on the beach!

Was on channel 9 national news. Had an interview about dancing on the beach for fitness.

Played a Nightclub bouncer, street performer onlookers and a couple of extras role in a student movie "Just ace"

Played a nightclub bouncer and extra in dance scene for an anti drug campaign.

Role as security guard in "the fish thief"

Role as homeless guy in music video "love today" Also had to do a dance sequence in this video.

Played a rowdy guy, extra in dance scene and other small roles in "king of clubs" tv show pilot.

Played a role in a TV series for channel 31 (Diggler)

I have lots of experience working as a life drawing model putting myself in various poses & holding them for up to 20 mins.

I have worked for 2 yrs remembering sales lines & acting lines at a venue in surfers paradise called spacewalker. I had to play a space person from star station zeta, 8 hours a day, 5 days a week!


Extras experience

Previous speaking roles

Many varied roles over 5 years
TV shows, music clips, movie


Modeling experience

Part-time model - paid commercial work

Add campaign for a fitness company. Fitness Crew.
Nude shots & underwear shots.
Life drawing model.


Composer ability


Producer ability


D.J ability


Favourite genres
  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Electronic
  • Hip-hop
  • Jazz

Wrote and produced pop song for Melbourne we stand together project. Not for profit campaign fighting against fear in the city.
Song will be released in 2019.

Dj for 36yrs experienced in all genres.
Resident at the Peel hotel in Melbourne
Guest at Poof doof in Melbourne
Resident at Club cosplay monthly event

Spot at Palms springs gay pride - 2015

Played at venue in San Francisco during Folsom

Able to play to any type of crowd in any venue.
Resident DJ at the no 1 gay in on the Gold Coast - Meeting place for 2 years
Resident DJ at biggest gay club in Brisbane - The Beat for 4 years.
Worked at Gold coast gay day, Brisbane pride and other various gay events.
Resident DJ at biggest night club in Dandenong for 5 years - Fosters nightclub
In demand DJ for various events, corporate and weddings over last 20 years.

Song writer of lyrics. Mainly pop.

Wrote a song which was the B-side to a single I produced in 1990.
Single produced was called Make love to me and sung by Adhesha
Song I wrote and produced was called I don't want to be alone and sung by Adhesha. Sold numerous copies.

TV & Reality

There are clips on YouTube and Vimeo of me dancing on the beach. I used to do this on a regular basis but didn't realise I was getting filmed, I don't mind.

Was on channel 9 Gold coast news caught dancing on the beach!

Was on channel 9 national news. Had an interview about dancing on the beach for fitness.

I have hosted stage shows for many years in various venues. Mc at many small to large events. I am very at ease using microphones. i can add lib when it is needed.


I am not a professional dancer but have been dancin for years. I currently dance on the beach almost daily as part of my exercise routine, anything from freestyle to crump & hip hop.

Film & Stage Crew

Bachelor of entertainment business management
Event manager at playtime and kingpin events
Event planner at Odd events and promotions
Event manager at Game on QV
Stage manager at Midsumma festival

Mardi gras 2014
Midsumma carnival
Pride march Victoria
Spring fling 2013 - north Melbourne
Gold coast gay day 2010 - Gold coast
Pride - Brisbane
JMC academy Martini awards


TV presenter experience

Previous paid TV presenter roles

Radio presenter experience

Previous unpaid Radio presenter roles

  • English

  • Australian

Host and emcee of all Odd events and promotions events
Host of all Playtime and Kingpin crown events
Host at Club cosplay
Trivia host
Talent quest host
Gameshow host at Crown casino on floor events - 5 years
Emcee at Crown casino events
DJ for 35+ years
Host of nightclub promotions and shows

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