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Brighton, United Kingdom
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Eastern Kingdoms - Total War: 3 Kingdoms

A theme from up -coming video game Total War: Three Kingdoms

01Eastern Kingdoms - Total War: 3 Kingdoms
02Sci-Fi Fantasy Music Contact Made
03Piano composition - Abandoned
04String Suite I
05Where Love Has Gone
06Gimme, Gimme

Credits & experience

  • Happy Man (Drama/Thriller Film) : Composer
  • Happy Gals (Horror Film) : Composer
  • Mini Wargaming Production Music (Home Studio) : Composer
  • Pendu Tarot Project (Home Studio) : Composer
  • Jessica James : Transcriber
  • The Mixer UK - Debut Album (12tracks) : Composer/Songwriter/producer
  • Venari- 4AM Pictures : Composer
  • QMP Publications- Westbury Music LTD : Composer
  • 1 Sign Campaign Video : Sound Designer
  • Reel Productions, London : Composer
  • Ena Fay EP : Parts and Arrangements
  • Ena Fay Band : Keys Player
  • The Stag Vaxhall : Pre Production: Colony Room Music - Composer, Musical Director
  • Creative Assembly : Additional Orchestration, composition & Engraving; Total War 3 Kingdoms
  • The Jazz Ticket National Performance: Tomorrows Warriors Southbank Centre : Education Leader/Musical Director
  • The Colony Room, J O'Donoghue Brighton : Composer & Arranger
  • Jack & the Beanstalk, E3 Productions, Brighton : Musical Director
  • Total War 3 Kingdoms : Engraving/Orchestration/arranging/composition
  • The Jazz Ticket: Tomorrows Warriors Brighton Dome : Education Leader/Musical Director
  • My Fair Lady: Brighton : Musical Director
  • The Lost play of William Shakespeare, NYC, Cherry Lane Theatre : Composer & Arranger
  • Dinner Music: Brighton : Lounge Pianist
  • Guys & Dolls: Brighton : Musical Director
  • Dinner Music: Brighton : Lounge Pianist
  • Bobby In Paris: Short Film : Composer
  • Little Shop of Horrors: Brighton : Musical Director
  • Dinner Music: Brighton : Lounge Pianist
  • Showcase Young Voices: Southampton : Musical Director
  • Joseph: Brighton : Musical Director
  • Carol Service: St. Edmunds Southampton : Musical Director
  • Showcase Young Voices: Southampton : Musical Director
  • Schools Educational Films: Department for Education Sweden : Composer
  • Beauty & the Beast: Southampton : Musical Director
  • Carol Service: St. Edmunds Southampton : Musical Director
  • Stella Swing Ensemble: Southampton : Musical Director
  • Showcase Young Voices: Southampton : Musical Director
  • Hairspray: Southampton : Musical Director
  • Sweeney Todd: Brighton : Musical Director
  • Carol Service: St. Edmunds Southampton : Musical Director
  • Stella Swing Ensemble: Southampton : Musical Director
  • High School Musical: Southampton : Musical Director
  • Stella Swing Ensemble: Southampton : Musical Director
  • Top Hat: Touring : Keys 1
  • Jekyll & Hyde: Touring : Keys 1
  • Hairspray: Southampton : Musical Director
  • Wizard of Oz: Southampton : Musical Director
  • Stainer's Crucifixion: Fishbourne : Solo Tenor
  • Sweet Charity: Touring : Keys
  • Grease: Touring : Musical Director
  • Fame: Touring : Musical Director
  • Rent: Touring : Musical Director
  • Young Talent Showcase: Camberley Theatre : Performer: Vocals & Keys
  • Oliver!: Japan Tour : Fagin


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Singing styles
  • Rock
  • Classical

Favourite genres
  • Rock
  • Metal
  • Jazz
  • Classical
  • Country

I started getting into music through singing and initially started at school and then as a chorister singing classical and sacred pieces, leading to a recording with Teilhard Scott the organist of St George's Chapel Windsor. Shortly after this I began learning to play piano myself at the age of 12 or 13 from what I recall.

My first performance as a piano vocalist was in 2003 at a young peoples showcase at the Camberley Theatre, where I performed numbers from Barry Manilow's Paradise Cafe including When October Goes and Paradise Cafe itself. Shortly after this I was cast as Fagin in a youth Production of Oliver! which toured Japan to great acclaim. On return from tour I began my music degree at University of Chichester. Very quickly I joined the chamber choir performing in a number of UK and European venues. During this time I spent large amounts of time developing my accompanying skills accompanying students and ensembles and being involved in musical theatre productions. It was from this experience that I began landing my first jobs as a musical director on touring shows, including Rent, Fame and Grease.

Eventually I ended up in Southampton and began working in schools and for other music companies, keeping up my accompaniment work for ensembles like saxophony and for a local jazz club night in Bedford Place. I worked as musical director on a number of Southampton based shows and became the musical director of the Stellar Swing Ensemble. From here I went back to my routes being involved in church music and continuing to land jobs on touring productions of hit Musicals, including Top Hat and Sweet Charity and then going on to join the pit band of Wicked.

It was when I moved to Brighton I began sharing more of my own music and compositions and this has worked out well with creating music for short films and writing two musicals and have currently begun working on a third.

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