James Stepien

James Stepien Pro

Victoria, Australia


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Our film required a lot of foley sounds done and James did a wonderful job. He was very professional and a pleasure to work with. He really helped us elevate the quality of our film. Highly recommend him!

Recommended for Post Production & Editing Jun 5, 2020

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ARRANGED - Short Film By Truth Devour (Writer / Director / Producer) James worked as production sound engineer on the set and has been a valued team member right from the start. He is a low maintenance professional who executes his role with very little to no fuss. I've been impressed with his boom to frame ratio. This guy knows his stuff and is super pleasant to work with. I'm looking forward to working with him again in the New Year.

Recommended for Film & Stage Crew Dec 3, 2017

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James is pleasure to have on set and knows sound inside out. Looking forward to the next one!

Recommended for Film & Stage Crew Oct 30, 2016

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James was fantastic to have on set. He did his job and made sure it was to a great standard, and helped a lot during post production. Would work with again.

Recommended for Film & Stage Crew Oct 8, 2016

Recommended for Film & Stage Crew Nov 21, 2017

Recommended for TV & Reality Nov 13, 2017

Recommended for Film & Stage Crew May 29, 2016

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