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London, United Kingdom
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Physical Attributes

172 cm / 5ft 8in
80 kg / 176 lbs
Black / African descent
96 cm / 38 in
Skin color:
91 cm / 36 in
106 cm / 42 in
Dress size:
UK 18 / AUS 18 / US 14
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • IMDB credit white glove massive : IMDB credit white glove massive
  • sylvia young training school : sylvia young training school
  • IMDB credit : film breaking down
  • ciarb : mediation lawyer


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

  • English

  • UK English

I have done a few extra roles one were I played a forensic expert for a feature film called still and I played a lady drinking at a bar for a feature film called A\ctor
I also played a lawyer for the charters instituite of arbitratory in london for mediation.
i have also done a west indian 1940s woman character voice over for the ministry of thrift
i have appeared on a pilot for channel 4 doing a food trial
done a channel 4 pilot for hidden camera shoot!
also appeared as a guest on jamie oliver lock down christmas 2010 ( this can be found on channel 4 od)
done a jml advert for the magic layer top(march 08/2013

6/4/2013 played dominatrix lead in music video for memski the artist
8/4/2013 twofour tv company done a video chat for commmisioning for channel 4 on shopping habits
23/4/2013 link up tv played a mother mourning her son to be put in a music video by london livin (artist)
02/05/2013 nivea dare to dip campaign

6/05/2013 chasing robert barker production feature film played a patient in a doctors surgery
09/05/2013 feature film called over the counter director lee hyde playing kate broken relationship test shoot
06/06/2013 apprentice style library stock wailing banshee productions
18/06/2013 betty tv( man up) lifestyle show to enhance a man's confidence
25/06/2013 the lee mack show (breath experiment)
06/07/2013 dea london fashion catwalk show
10/09/2013 hartswood film (edge of heaven)
29/10/2013 ch5 crime drama called suspects played 3 characters nurse, s.o.c.a, journalist
20/11/2013 ten pin bowling photoshoot
29/11/2013 essex boys retrubution director paul tanter
07/12/2013 event prom work with envisage pro
17/12/2013 caio getty images photoshoot
27/12/2013 feature film invasion 1897 played a jury character
03/02/2014 just so london director dan luiz skype webseries tutorial
04/02/2014 nbc chocolatemedia (producer jamie wilcox pilot contestant for 21 ques
04/02/2014 bristan bathroom commercial (director harry burnett rae)
12/02/2014 cookery show simon rimmer
26/02/2014 library stock completeley
27/02/2014 liberty bell production run through game show fiona bruce
05/03/2014 gregor levy just boom productions (BARREN) feature film played a mother
06/03/2014 envisage pro red carpet amazon shoot
19/03/2014 fbs=fat boy slims slo mo dancing videoshoot producer sarah dear
28/03/2014 m.s shift charity film rankin productions office worker role
08/07/2014 storage hoarders played a buying auctioner for dave tv
10/07/2014 my palmer (coco butter story ) media bounty .com featured role
13/08/2014 photoshoot stills courage media (lloyd pestell)
14/08/2014 man versus expert (featured artist) frank smalley
07/10/2014 burlesque exercise prom video
09/10/2014 cancer research stills advert (rose clayton we folk)
13/10/2014 to trend on twitter mental ilness film(andy wooding director)
22/10/2014 eyebrow shoot eyebrow model for ideal television (claire-mead tomlison director)
23/11/2014 coco cola advert give a little happiness ride for free diet coke taxi christmas 2015
17/12/2014 e ciggarette advert
29/12/2014 featured artist playing restaurant owner for the afro beat artist mero
10/1/2015 bbc1 documentary played an interviewee
02/02/2015 played a wife for construction video app barrie tradesstaff
02/2/2015 mjb castings mary j blige live screening
04/02/2015 played a victorian lady in the troxy theatre event for fire and ice lyceum media .com
03/03/2015 flash mob civillian refugee feature film genesis 2016
21/04/2015 avenoo cream commercial johnson and johnson
29/04/2015 the royal british legion photoshoot website
03/06/2015 gll better lesuire gym promotional video
15/06/2015-16/06/2015 late shift feature film speaking role hospital receptionist
20/08/2015 desi rascals
25/01/2016 pub landlady coperate film minimammouth films
04/02/2016 civil servant call operator call centre campagin floating pictures
08/01/2017 bromley emergency service
11/1/2018 ovarian cancer photoshoot
1/2018 astra Zeneca photoshoot
23/5/18 UNHCR Campaign shoot
11/08/2018 Playing a police officer in mark kovic music video
18/09/2018 played mother to the artist am6a ob music video
14/01/2019 pilot documentary
18/01/2019 played a casting director in musical drama weboside ravensbourne university
23/01/2019 vanquis credit card photo shoot
26/03/2019 hospitail visitor rizza the rapper film
12/06/2019 filmart Ltd housing officer voice over
29/07/2019 played another role in sam Tompkins the artist music video
23/10/2019 played mother in music video nic hurdly
16/11/2019 played mother role for knucks the artist music video
22/05/2020 wall of comedy yung filly azar actor
16/11/2020 ranch creative couple photoshoot
11/02/2020 police officer role (The director billy simms
07/10/2021 recruitment photoshoot campaign co-operate communications surrey police played mother role
17/11/2021 korn ferry shoot
10/12/2021 -18th april 2022 national portrait gallery (the prelude by kehinde Wiley artist)
12/01/2022 benny banks music video lip syncing playing angry neighbour


Extras experience

Previous speaking roles

26/02/20 played a mother role in music video krunch and haq
01/10/20 extra playing a passenger in Southampton airport for company hashtags
14/09/2021 charity shoot


Modeling experience

Beginner, starting out

I have done a catwalk for Miss Black and Beautiful pageant 0ctober 2000
I have modelled for Debenhams evening wedding wear for the wedding fayre january 2013(ashford centre kent)
LGBT victims support charity catwalk show february 2013(ripple centre barking essex)
i was a supporting artist for the singer (deneice pearson) new single close to nowhere released in march 2013 by baron entertainment productions (08/02/2013)
6/4/2013 played a dominatrix in a music video by memski
i was awarded a imdb for the film breaking down!
02/05/2013 nivea dare to dip campagain modelling bikini for empowerment for ladies of all shapes and sizes
03/05/2013 camberwell arts centre videoshoot for hire a
07/05/2013 the girl in the green scarf designer wear modelling for presentaion of plus size model
15/05/2013 banshee film video and photo stock
22/05/2013 banshee film african charity photo stock
26/05/2013 grayson perry's modern britain documentary channel 4 and national portrait gallery portrait
27/05/2013 envisage promo ef language school brighton
30/05/2013 flowcaritas charity celeb film for fundraising
14/01/2014 comedy webseries speaking part playing mother
06/06/2013 wailing banshee apprentice style photoshoot
04/07/2013 coco cola viral advert office worker
04/07/2013 fit model lighthouse studio
08/07/2013 london hair and beauty make up model
14/08/2013 feature film retrubution
20/10/2013 skin chemists commercial
21/10/2013 online resort international ltd commercial
27/11/2013 kersh media feature film russian tv
04/12/2013 relate website and listing shoot helen moreno
13/12/2013 contributer on ch4 endemol secret eaters
12/02/2014 sunday brunch cookery show simon rimmer
19/04/2014 citysocializer events , promotions
01/05/2014 envisage promotions operations frank
23/06/214 peninsula films played a feature dating mate
08/07/2014 storage hunters for dave channel auction buyer
09/08/2014 band ambassador envisage promotions
11/08/2014 mystery shopper mary porters mystery shopper ch4 show
28/11/2014 photoshoot carphone warehouse
26/02/2015 envisage for insurance advert mum and grandson as ourselves
27/02/2015 envisage for itv red carpet event playing crowd fan
16/03/2015 nhs maternity educational film silverfish productions playing a midwife
31/03/2015 tristar productions informercial product demonstrator
29/04/2015 lets be happy about our hair website for fixers charity hair model
28/05/2015 royal british legion slo mo filming
29/03/2017 amazing corset fitting model
21/05/2017 bbc documentary
15/10/2018 photobox photoshoot
17/1/2020 christine blundell makeup school makeup model for dark skin tones


Vocal ability


i was a backing dancer for stedman pearson from 5star freestyle dancing and love all generes of music

TV & Reality

Property tv 28/7/2017 playing a customer for estate agency in a speaking role
03/08/2017 bpas played a senior nurse campagain shoot abortion clinic


Dancing ability


Dance styles
  • Disco

danced in a hip hop video as a dominatrix shook my booty for the artist memskis as his lead video
danced in stedman pearsons (5star) video unscripted dance moves
im willing to learn new dance trchniques

Film & Stage Crew

Production & Management ability


Hair, Makeup & Styling

Hair Styling ability



Photography experience

Photography student


TV presenter experience

Previous paid TV presenter roles

Radio presenter experience

Previous unpaid Radio presenter roles

  • English

  • UK English

Presenting my own breakfast show on revivefmuk
Wednesdays 7am till 9am debates,interviews and guest's stories with telephone call ins
Relaks radio radio presenter interviewing guests from all walks of life catch me on my show godessjazzy show
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