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Physical Attributes

154 cm / 5ft 1in
61 kg / 134 lbs
Black / African descent
86 cm / 34 in
Skin color:
71 cm / 28 in
96 cm / 38 in
Dress size:
UK 10 / AUS 10 / US 6
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • BBC TV Soap: Eastenders : Featured- “Lanky” Undertaker
  • Call the midwife : Passerby
  • Bloods : Hospital Visitor
  • Kiddiwinks Image Library The Walled Garden Photoshoot-Featured Model : Garden Centre Owner/Employee Employee
  • Tesco Supermarket Advert : Background shopper
  • BBC TV Soap: Eastenders : Featured-“Lanky” Funeral Parlour Staff
  • Flesh & Blood : SA: Featured Disgruntled Hospital Staff
  • Kate & Koji : SA: Background
  • Reluctant Landlord : :Pub Goer/Passerby
  • BBC TV Soap, Eastenders : Courtroom attendee
  • Last Christmas : Christmas Shopper
  • Top boy, Well Street Ltd : Market Passerby
  • Holby City TV Soap : :SA Hospital Visitor
  • Mo ft Chip-Wondering : Background SA
  • Experian TV ad Aug 2018 ‘Match’ 30” : Background Extra
  • Pegasus, IBS Short Film : SA-Featured Contributor
  • Short Film: Sasha & Joe : SA-Bridal Boutique Customer
  • Talk Radio Online Ad (speaking) : Featured artist
  • Verizon: Walk with Me TVC : Board Member (1 Spoken Line)
  • School of Life, Short Film Sweetdoh Ltd : SA-Wedding Guest
  • AXA Health Insurance featured photo shoot (online) : Contributor, taking part in Owning Your Fears campaign
  • Be Clear on Cancer campaign : 50+ year old Model photoshoot
  • In Darkness : SA-Art gallery attendee
  • On Chesil Beach : SA-Theatre/Consert goer
  • Luckyman : SA-Background
  • Eastenders : SA-Funeral director-staff
  • Dr Foster 2 : SA-Background
  • Eastenders : SA, Funeral director-staff


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

  • English

  • UK Cockney
  • UK English
  • UK Posh

Union memberships

Have previous paid brief spoken lines in TV & radio commercials


Extras experience

Previous speaking roles

BBC TV Drama, Endeavour: SA Tower Block Resident
BBC TV Soap, Eastenders: SA Cafe Customer
Period Drama, Summerland: SA Train Station Background
BBC TV Drama, Silent Witness: SA-Defendants Friend
Paramedic Training Video:Fearured Stroke Patient/Spouse
TV Drama, Apple Tree House series 3: SA-Featured Car Sales Customer
TV Soap, Eastenders: SA-Featured Nightclubber at School Reunion
TV Drama, Top Dog: SA-Market Passerby
TV Drama, Brexit:SA-Smart Office Worker
Holmes & Watson, Feature Film:SA-Passerby
Jaguar, Commercial:SA-Passerby
Pegasus, IBS Short Film:SA-Featured Contributor!/sharer.php?fs=8&sid=321254681786219&__tn__=J%2AW-R
Manhunt, Drama:SA-Passerby
BBC TV Soap, Eastenders:SA-Passerby
TV Drama, Unforgotten 3:SA-Passerby
TV Commercial, KFC:SA-Restaurant customer
Short Film, Sasha & Joe:SA-Bridal Boutique Customer
BBC TV Soap, Eastenders:SA-Cafe/Pub Punter
BBC TV Soap, Eastenders:SA-Background Passerby
Talk Radio Online Ad:Featured artist with lines
Feature Film,Gemini:SA-Posh Cafe Punter
Kudos,TV Drama Humans 3:SA-Public /Protester Marcher
Verizon, "Walk with Me" TV Commercial:Featured SA-Board Member (Spoken Line) Watch "Verizon - Walk with me" on Vimeo:
Sweetdoh Ltd, School of Life, Short Film:SA-Wedding Guest
TV Entertainment, Saturday Night Takeaway:SA-Security Headquarters Cast
Short film,Estate:SA-Gang Member
TV Drama, Collateral:SA-On Looker/Passerby
TV Drama, Next of Kin:SA-Background Passerby
BBC TV Soap, Eastenders:SA-Passerby
TV Drama, Bodyguard:SA-Civil Servant
AXA Health Insurance featured photo shoot (online):Contributor "Owning Your Fears" campaign
TV Drama, The Bodyguard:SA-Audience member
TV Drama, The Press:SA-Smart office worker
BBC TV Soap, Eastenders:SA-Passerby
TV Drama, The Split:SA-Client
Feature Film, Mamma Mia 2:SA-College guest
Feature Film, Tomb Raider2017:SA-Background
TV Drama, Hatton Garden:SA-Passerby
Childrens TV, Waffle the Wonderdog:SA-Parent/Shopper
TV Comedy Drama, Motherland:SA-Cafe/Bar punter
TV Drama, Damned:SA-Background
TV Drama, Hard Sun:SA-Murder witness
TV Drama, Trauma:SA-Walk on-injured patient
Featur Film, Trust:SA-Church mourner/Reception party guest
TV Drama,The Royals:SA-Protester
BBC TV Soap,Eastenders:SA-Funeral director staff
TV Drama, Luckyman:SA-Bar punter
Photshot, "Be Clear on Cancer" campaign : 50+ year old model
Feature Film, In Darkness:SA-Art gallery attendee
Feature Film, On Chesil Beach:SA-Theatre concert goer
TV Drama, Luckyman:SA-Background
EstateSA-Funeral director staff
TV Drama, Dr Foster 2:SA-Background
BBC TV Soap, Eastenders:SA- Funeral director staff
BBC TV Soap, Eastenders:SA-Background


Modeling experience

Beginner, starting out

Health Insurance featured photo shoot (online) : Contributor, "Owning Your Fears" campaign

Be Clear on Cancer campaign : 50+ year old Model photoshoot

TV & Reality

Various background artist roles.


Photography experience

Amateur photographer

Mobile photographer at shopping centres around South East: Ashford, Gravesend & Lewisham for just over a year. Sepia photographs of children aged 6 months to 8 years in vintage outfits. Challenging & satisfying job!
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