Jessica-Lee Murphy

Jessica-Lee Murphy

Victoria, Australia


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Jess took part as a model in the photoshoot and fashion run at one of Bohemian Rhapsody Club and Magazine projects. She is a very talented and easy to work with, she is also highly responsible person and has the right attitude. We recommend Jess for any complicated project in the industry and will be very happy to work with her in the future. Thank you, Jess!

Recommended for Modelling Dec 30, 2017

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We had a pleasure working with Jess several times for our fashion photo shoots and editorials; some of them were one of the most prestigious fashion houses in Melbourne at the Bohemian Rhapsody Club and Magazine. Jess is an absolut fun to work with. She is amazingly gorgeous. She follows the instructions easily, she is very flexible and highly . We recommend Jess for the most sophisticated works in the fashion industry. We also look forward to work with her in the future and want to thank her for all he has done for us. Thank you on behalf of BRC directors and sessions art directors.

Recommended for Modelling Dec 30, 2017

There just aren't enough words to describe this amazing beautiful model ,she is a true gem and a wonderful friend As a model she had a natural grace and elegance that the camera just loves. she is superbly confident in her craft and 100% dedicated to achieving end results for both photographer client and herself i have no hesitation recommending Jess for any role that you might require her for i will def be working with her again many times

Recommended for Modelling Jun 11, 2017

Great talent highly recommended

Recommended for Casting Nov 22, 2016

Having worked with jessica on a few occasions now she is one of the most dedicated media dels I've had the pleasure of shooting with Her level of professionalism is 2nd to none I would highly recommend Jess for any genre of modelling or hosting events

Recommended for Modelling Nov 17, 2016

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Had a chance to work with Jessica-Lee at the Bohemian Rhapsody Club and Online Magazine private project featuring Hachi fashion outfits and accessories for dogs and cats in November 2016. Jessica-Lee is an amazing model with a lovely, sharing and very happy personality; she did a fantastic job showcasing the puppies in Hachi garments. Will be very happy to work with Jess in the future and can recommend her highly for any complex assigments in the fashion and filming industry. Thank you, Jessica!

Recommended for Modelling Nov 16, 2016

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Jessica-Lee took direction well and was a lovely person to have on set

Recommended for Modelling Oct 18, 2016

Jessica is a highly talented professional and working with her was so much fun. She is bubbly and full of life. Great energy and amazing personality!!

Recommended for Acting Sep 4, 2016

Very reliable, confident and fun to work with. Highly recommended!

Recommended for TV & Reality Aug 19, 2016

Recommended for Acting Mar 7, 2018

Recommended for Modelling Nov 26, 2016

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