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South Australia, Australia
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John R. Sabine VO Demo

Professionally-produced demonstration tape

01John R. Sabine VO Demo
02JRS - AFN - audio
03John R. Sabine - just testing
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05John R. Sabine (Audio Snippet)

Physical Attributes

187 cm / 6ft 2in
91 kg / 200 lbs
White / Caucasian
87 cm / 34 in
Skin color:
91 cm / 36 in
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • " J Sabine International" : Managing Director / Primary Consultant
  • University of Adelaide : Reader in Animal Physiology


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

Acting agent

AAA Talent Agency

  • English

  • Australian
  • Irish
  • UK English
  • UK Posh
  • USA Boston
  • USA Southern

Many years of extensive public speaking - local, national, international
Long ago - Canberra Rep.; University of Adelaide Theatre Guild
2011 - 2020:
- Patient (farmer) in Country Health SA training video. 2018
- Old man in "Centrelink" (MAPS, Tyrone). 2017
- Extra, CMI Toyota, corporate video) .2016
- Older man in "Fool Me Once (MAPS, Justin Wiggin). 2016
- Psychiatrist in "Third Person" (MAPS, Justin Martyniuk). 2016
- James (old man) in "The Grandfather" (Pembroke, Tiasha Selvanayagam). 2015
- Business Executive in "True Blue" Sophie Morgan). 2015
- Old Man in "Gravity" (MAPS - Renee Leach). 2015
- Grandfather in "The Pines" (Tom Goodall). 2014
- Featured extra (nursing home resident) in "A Month of Sundays" (International feature film, director Mathew Saville). 2015
- Henry (the prisoner) in "The Time Machine in Cell 101" (Flinders University: Sam McKenzie). 2013
- Walton in "Walton the Wizard" (UniSA: Alex R. Graham). 2013
- Harold in "ReSymmetry" (RedRaven Films: Erron Frankiw). 2013
- Max in "Catch This" (Tropfest entry). 2012
- Featured extra (Old man) in "Tracks", (International feature film: John Curran, Director). 2012
- Robert (Sarah's husband) in "The Lost Souls" (Waters Productions). 2012
- Ron (police sergeant) in "River Water" (Salvage Productions). 2012
- Dr Fletcher in "Vital Signs" (James Barry Productions). 2011
- Baron Von Kill in "Henchmen 4 Hire" (MAPS Productions). 2011
- The King in two short films from "Medieval Trilogy" (MAPS Productions). 2011
- 'actor' in four short films (Kino Kabaret). 2011
- Shakespeare (Richard III & Twelfth Night, multiple roles) for 2011 Adelaide Fringe Festival
- Francis Nurse in "The Crucible" (Gin & Vodka Productions) 2011
- Mr Vitoller in "Wyrd Sisters" (Unseen Theatre Company) 2011
- Lionel (the boyfriend) in "Mother and Son" (Matt Byrne Productions) 2011
- Voice over, Compere, Commentator in "The Umpire Strikes Back" (Blackwood Players) 2011
- Cleopas in "The Road to Emmaus" (Judith Conrow-Shipley, Writer/Director) 2012
- Cleopas in "The Wedding at Cana" (Judith Conrow-Shipley, Writer/Director) 2012
- Caiphas in "The Way of the Cross" (Angelico Christian Theatre Society) 2013
- Older Billy in "Love Play" (Ovation Centre for Performing Arts) 2013
- One role, the nemesis, expressed as seven characters (Kindergarten bully, School choir-master, Work supervisor, Bank manager, Public advocate, Police officer, Clerk-of-the-court) in "Square Peg" (Scorcherfest) Adelaide Fringe Festival 2014
- Denis "Big Hal" Halitosis in "That Siege in Adelaide". Adelaide Fringe Festival 2016
- Giles Corey in "The Crucible" (Univ. of Adelaide Theatre Guild) 2016.
- Juror No. 9 in "12 Angry Men" (Matt Byrne Media)
- Medieval Trilogy (MAPS Productions)
Performance Poetry
- Lead writer and presenter, "Seriously Clowning Around" (Adelaide Every Generation Festival, 2015)
- Lead writer and presenter, "Love in the Mist" (Adelaide Every Generation Festival, 2014)
- Lead writer and presenter, "Around the Billy" (Adelaide Every Generation Festival, 2013)
- Lead writer and presenter, "The Magic of Words" (Adelaide Fringe Festival, 2013)
- National Poetry Slam: SA State Finalist, 2007, 2011, 2012, 2015
- Member "Mixed Pickles" (Performance Poetry Ensemble), 2012 - 2015
WordAdelaide Festival 2013
- Yarn-Spinning competition: Winner
- Freestyle MC contest: Semi-finalist
"Old Jack: the Aussie Gleeman" - Purveyor of tall tales, short stories and pithy poetry; Humourist/Entertainer
- "Adventure Before Dementia" (Stirling, 2018)
- "Power Lines: Words at Work" (Solo show, Adelaide Fringe Festival, 2018)
- "Adventure Before Dementia" (Solo show, Adelaide Fringe Festival, 2017
- StarShine Variety Show (Adelaide Fringe Festival, 2016)
- Tanunda Liedertafel Kaffee Abend (2013)
- Associate artist to "The Old Fella" (Para Hills Community Club, Dec. 2013
- Regular spots in Variety Shows in Adelaide pubs and night-clubs


Extras experience

Previous speaking roles

Extras agent

AAA Talent Agency


Modeling experience

Part-time model - paid commercial work

Still photographs as inspiration for illustrated movie - "Fish Bowl"


Composer ability


TV & Reality

2013: TVC - TradeEzi (sole actor)
2013: Promo for TV series - "George" (lead actor))
2012: TVC - Grahams Jewellers (lead actor)
2012: TVC - Fasta Pasta (featured extra)
2011: TVC - SA Tourism (extra)


TV presenter experience

No previous TV presenter experience

Radio presenter experience

No previous Radio presenter experience

Presenting agent

AAA Talent Management

  • English

  • Australian
  • Irish
  • UK English
  • UK Posh
  • USA Boston
  • USA Southern

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