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  • Studio Collab & Allusion Inc : Graphic Designer, Illustrator & photographer. Bachelor of Design with honours


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I am a qualified graphic designer and freelance photographer based in Auckland.

Shooting off and on as a part time photographer, I have a broad spectrum of experience.
Ranging from corporate ads to weddings, portraits to furniture and products; from coffee to carpets.

I shoot with a full frame 35mm DSLR and a kit of well researched lenses. Also at my disposal is 2x 400w studio lighting which I have used for portraits and school photos.

As a bit of a creative 'jack of all traits' – I am knowledgeable in both technique and composition.
I am a confident people person which helps when I am directing shoots.

Here is a history of my professional experience.

2012-2013: Second photographer to Origami studio
2014 – present: Photographer at Studio Collab
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