Juliet and Juliana Mango

Photographer, Producer, Art Department Member, Lighting Crew Member, Runner & Assistant,… more

Western Australia, Australia
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Credits & experience

  • I AM ISAAC : Written and Directed by Juliet and Juliana
  • FRAGILE : Written, Directed, Edited and Produced by Juliet and Juliana
  • WA POLICE, S.A.Y PROJECT FOR SCHOOLS : Juliet- Director and Editor, Juliana - Director, Editor and Cinematographer
  • A HIDDEN KINDNESS : Juliana- Writer, Director and Producer, Juliet- Gaffer
  • ONE DAY AT A TIME : Juliet - Writer,Director and Producer, Juliana- Gaffer
  • PINCH, FEATURE FILM : Juliet and Juliana, 2nd Assistant Director
  • CITY OF PERTH: HOUSE SPECIAL : Juliana- Director, Juliet- Cinematographer
  • GUILT : Juliet- Gaffer, Juliana- Sound Recorder
  • DEADLY PLAY : Juliana- Writer, Director and Producer, Juliet- Production designer and Cinematographer
  • A STRANGER IN MY HOUSSE : Juliet- Writer,Director, Juliana- Production designer
  • Murdoch University Film production : Cinematographer
  • Murdoch University Film production : Director

Film & Stage Crew

We work as a duo on films doing a lot of short films. We have worked across various film roles but have progressed to writing and directing our own stories under our own production company Duplicate Films . We have both graduated with a Bachelor of Screen Production and post-graduate studies with a Diploma in Media Production at Murdoch University.

We fell in love with film at a young age and have been doing film professionally for 4 years.


Photography experience

Part-time professional (paid work)

We also love taking photographs and this was the passion that led us to pursue our film-making careers. We have a wide range of different photographic works that we have done over the years.

We mainly cover event photography but are capable and willing to do studio and other shoots

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