Justin Bannister

Singer, Pianist

New South Wales, Australia
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I have been playing piano for 20 years, 10 of which I had formal piano training. My teachers focused on reading music, but more importantly, music theory. Learning the ins and outs of music/chord theory gave me the ability to express myself through improvisation. I love playing in many different settings including hotel lounges, pubs, playing in bands or just collaborating with another musician in the living room.

During the last 15 years I've had the privilege to play in many different groups and genres. The first band I played in was a jazz band called Octave. Since then I have played in bands ranging from alternative country to rock funk to acoustic genres.

One of the best learning experiences I've had was playing in Dueling Piano bars. This concept incorporates piano covers of popular songs with crowd interaction. It taught me how to play a professional show while being spontaneous and entertaining. Another very unique part of Dueling Piano shows is the playing style that's required. Being able to play a piano cover of popular radio songs is a difficult task. If you break it down by instrument, the left hand plays bass and drums, the right hand covers chords while adding to the rhythm, and your voice carries the melody. Learning this technique has allowed me to build a solo show that is energetic and entertaining.

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