Kara Berry

Kara Berry Pro

New South Wales, Australia


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Professional & full of energy for a 5:30AM shoot.

Recommended for Modelling Mar 2, 2019

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Kara smashed it! So good to work with, immaculate communication and such a pro.

Recommended for Acting Feb 17, 2019

Kara is an awesome woman to work with. Fun, energetic, beautiful, professional and so easy to work with ... Kara was an absolute pleasure to have on my shoot.

Recommended for Modelling Feb 11, 2019

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Professional and Easy to work with and took direction well

Recommended for Modelling Dec 10, 2018

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Kara was a very thorough dancer, who made a point to understand what was requested of her and to execute her duties in a professional manner. Thank you!

Recommended for Dancing Mar 6, 2018

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Kara you amazing creature! Thank you for being the vivacious, energetic, enthusiastic performer that you are! Such a pleasure having you on set!

Recommended for Acting Aug 2, 2016

Recommended for Acting Jul 24, 2017

Recommended for Acting Jan 27, 2017

Recommended for Acting Nov 23, 2015