Katie Richmond

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Nottingham, United Kingdom


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Katie was cast in our book, Laurence Bounds - My Life in Letters. Her commitment to the project was outstanding and I have no qualms in recommending her to others for future projects. Katie is a true professional in every sense of the word.

Recommended for Acting May 22, 2020

Wonderful interpretation of our character; was happy to spend a good amount of time at our live audition running through the piece several times, taking direction and the interaction of her opposite actor very well indeed. Highly recommended, and hope to see you again on future project.

Recommended for Acting Mar 8, 2017

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Katie was a pleasure to work with even though it was just one scene she gave it her everything and gave an amazing heartfelt performance, I hope to work with her again in the future.

Recommended for Acting Nov 21, 2015

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A fantastic audition process and communication from Katie and the rest of Coalescent Films. Castle Boulevard is definitely a film to watch out for in 2015!

Recommended for Casting Dec 9, 2014

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Katie is a skilled performer across many different mediums and helps actors who work with her to relax and provide their best performance. Her castings are well thought out and great feedback is provided for the shaping of your character. I look forward to our continuing work together.

Recommended for Casting Aug 21, 2014

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Katie is an extremely impressive actress to watch on set and inspires her co-stars. She is very friendly, committed and is able to create complex characters in enormous depth. She is a true professional talent, hands down.

Recommended for Acting Mar 21, 2014

A very enthusiastic, talented and reliable actor who was a incredible asset to our production. Was able to adapt to change and was very well prepared. Katie thank you very much for your help and we wish you great success in the future and hope to work with you again.

Recommended for Acting Jan 6, 2014

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Have worked with Katie on several projects, including short and feature film, and photography. In all cases Katie has proven to be hard working, professional, friendly and above all, talented.

Recommended for Acting Dec 12, 2013

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Katie is a very kind and pleasant person. She has a strong work ethic and acting ability and I would very much like to work with her in the future.

Recommended for Casting Dec 2, 2013

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A pleasure to work with, punctual, reliable. Thanks!

Recommended for Acting Sep 8, 2012

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