Katy Thomas

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Auckland, New Zealand


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Professional, punctual and accommodating actor with a great look and friendly attitude.

Recommended for Acting Apr 5, 2017

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Katy is an absolute professional ! She is not only a pleasure to work with, but she is also incredibly talented and an asset to any project.

Recommended for Acting Mar 5, 2017

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Katy was a pleasure to work with - positive attitude and great work ethics. Well groomed, arrived on time and was lovely to work with. Videographer and the rest of the crew really enjoyed working with Katy for the duration of the project. Would recommend Katy for any future modelling or video commercials.

Recommended for Acting Sep 5, 2016

Great unique look. Very professional. Keep up the great work

Recommended for Acting Aug 19, 2016

Fantastic model with personality plus. Very professional and I would highly recommend to anyone wanting to complete a job quickly to a high standard!

Recommended for Modelling Apr 11, 2013

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Katy modelled for me for a hairdressing photo comp and she was amazing, a real pleasure to work with. I would recommend her to anyone. Thanks Again Katy.

Recommended for Modelling Jun 3, 2011

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We hired Katy for a days photo shoot and found her to be a lovely and professional model who we would happily recommend to others. She was a pleasure to work with and we look forward to working with her again soon

Recommended for Modelling Apr 12, 2011

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I enjoyed working with Katy she was very professional and easy to work with. She bought an enthusiastic and positive attitude to the photo shoot making the shoot run smoothly and creating a friendly vibe. I would highly recommend Katy for any future work and would love to work with her again.

Recommended for Modelling Oct 7, 2010

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Katy was outstanding. She came prepared and developed the character perfectly. The character that was likable and came across on camera amazingly well. She has a great look and presence on screen and takes direction well. Thanks Katy.

Recommended for Acting Sep 14, 2010

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I choose Katy to host my charity fashion parade on the 26th of August. Expert! I was amazed with her calmness and high degree of professionalism! I meet with her only once in advance and very basically briefed her with what I required her to do and that I had confidence in her to basically go ‘off the cuff’ so to speak. On the night of the event Katy met and exceeded all my expectations! The order of the night was completely ‘blown out the window’ due to designers pulling out last minute etc… Katy flawlessly adapted and calmly went with the last minute changes without even an ounce of anxiousness. Katy is charming, stunning and very proficient in what she does; she has the ability to act on impulse and proceed instinctively no matter what the unexpected issue maybe! She has a huge career ahead of her. I would defiantly recommend her to present/host any event big or small!

Recommended for Acting Sep 4, 2010

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