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Kent, United Kingdom
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Physical Attributes

187 cm / 6ft 2in
119 kg / 261 lbs
White / Caucasian
over 119 cm / 47 in
Skin color:
106 cm / 42 in
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • Commercial for Fybrogel : Husband on tandem
  • Commercial for Adgen : Psoriasis Sufferer
  • Public Health England TV Advert : Physical Training
  • Film. Trauma Psychological Thriller. Darren O’Hagan : Detective Mathews
  • Photo/Modelling Shoot. ICSnaps Iain Campbell : Subject
  • Music Video Hurts Director Tom Beard
  • Short TEVA HHA Campaign. Director Nathan Horrocks : Bed Patient
  • The Tunnel Awards : Reverend Father Freud, Writer/Director Helena Holmes
  • Film. Mockingbird. Director Paula Campos Coelho : Mr Carter, narcissistically manipulative father.
  • Music Video. Redpilltrill. Rebel Talk : Bodyguard
  • Photoshoot . Miran Goesiel : Doctor, Caia Images.
  • Film. Double or Quits, Edward Thomas & Miguel Martins . Ineffable Films : Plays Bill compulsive gambler who is tearing apart the relationship with his Grandson.
  • Film. Family Man. Writer Director Jarod Parker. Obi Films Productions : Hard Man Trevor sinister twists and turns along the way.
  • Film. The Wrong Day, Director Doug Rollins, writer producer Nina Romain : Homeowner. Confronted by a Halloween Killer Clown on his doorstep at night suddenly realises its no longer Halloween with fatal consequences.
  • Documentry. Nat King Cole Director Colin Roy : Carlos Gastel. Troubled times until he discovers Nat Cole the negro singer who raised to megastar status.
  • Film. Lilies. Director Doug Rollins, writer producer Nina Romain : The Strange Old Guy on the stairs, mysteriously those who 'cross' him die.....
  • Stage Music. The House That Nat Built Stage Show. CR Entertainment : Carlos Gastel, Nat King Cole Manager
  • Film. Projection, Writer,Director & Producer Abdel Beladdes. : John needs to use another’s body but retains the memories
  • Documentary. Transgender interview Life is Art Visuals Film : Presenter. In depth and sensitive interview with Maxim Magnus. Transgender Model
  • Tv Judge Rinder Christmas Special : Defendant in a TV small claims court
  • Music Video, Only Shadows We Are Machines. Director Matthew Hoult RAWR Films : Trucker, post apocalyptic last human on Earth.
  • Steal the Style. : Modelling UCA Production for Maidstone tv Studios, Producer Jemma Cotterell
  • Film. A Vessel in Time, writer/director Daisy Turvey : When a reclusive amateur scientist projects himself 50 years into his past, he attempts to convince his uncooperative younger self to live a better life.
  • Web Commercial. Aviva Car Insurance. Internet Road Safety Campaign : First Responder at Double Fatal Car Crash.
  • TV. Save Money, Good Health ITV : Food portion control diner.
  • Film. The Legend of Holly Turner. Director Producer Richard Philips : Set in Louisiana in the 1940's, Sheriff George Hawkins investigates a series of racially motivated murders on the negro community.
  • T.V. Series Mind the Age Gap. Channel 5 television show. : Main. Series about young and old folks learning to get on with each other.
  • T.V. BBC Breakfast TV : Promoting Mind The Age Gap
  • Film. Blood Bond. : Gangster Boss, R7 production, producer Tra Nguyen, director Mike Ly, set in gangland drugs scenario Boss finds out his millions have been taken and vents his anger and revenge
  • Film. Dear Bullies. We win! Beddu Productions : Narrator. 9/15/50. Film about the effects of being bullied.
  • Film. A Greek Wedding, Lanza and Baucina : Registar at Greek tycoon wedding. Private film involving playing a Registrar at an actual wedding in Mykonos to an audience of 1000 people.
  • Film. Her Anchor, Henry Desira : Father of the Bride. The wedding morning, father and daughter get the devastating news the groom has been killed in a car crash.
  • Film. Hello Au Revior comedy : Colin/Kevin. Plays four different comedic characters, zany styled piece.
  • T.V. Quiz show Pick Me, ITV with Stephen Mulhern : The Mad Arab
  • TV. Commercial Harvey's furniture store. : Gentleman Customer
  • Film. Molluscphobia : Old Ted the Gardener, grumpy old Ted 'speeds' into action to rescue his young apprentice Gardener from attack by a snail.....
  • T.V. Reality Channel 4 TV WEIGHING UP THE ENEMY. : The Psychic who pits his determination against a sceptic and loses vast amount of weight to take £500 from his opponent and creates and stars in his own Psychic Show.
  • Goodbye Blue Micheal, tv mini : Clifford Jones is dying of TB..his son joins the RAF as a pilot
  • Remember Scarborough, play : Old Man ( RAF Navigator)
  • RADA Chenies Street. : Elders Company
  • Film Indian Bollywood Guru Guru Indian film : The Governor/ Magistrate Indian film by the famous Indian film maker Lenin Rajendran.
  • Roberto Internet comedy. Jay Croot : Kev
  • Great British ESP Challenge, Living TV for Sky TV : The Psychic
  • T.V. Series SKY TV Psychic School for living TV with Tony Stockwell, Colin Fry. : Starred in Living TV Psychic School. Reality Psychic Medium
  • Snow White and the Eight Dwarfs. Pantomime : Writer, Warm up and Star in show


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

Acting agent

Tiny Angels Adults

  • English

  • Australian
  • Irish
  • New Zealand
  • UK Cockney
  • UK English
  • UK Posh
  • UK Scottish
  • Indian

2020 TV. Public Health England.
2020 Photo/Modelling Shoot. ICSnaps Iain Campbell
2020 Film. Trauma. Director Darren O’Hagan
2019 Film. Mockingbird. Director Paula Campos Coelho
2019 Film. Double or Quits. Ineffable Films. Director Miguel Martins
2019 Film. Family Man. Obi Film Productions, Director Jarod Parker
2018 Documentary. The Nat King Cole Story. Director. Colin Roy
2018 Stage Music Show. The House That Nat Built. CR Entertainment Production.
2018 Documentary, Transgender Interviewer/Presenter Dan Teale Life is Art Visuals Film.
2018 Film Horror, The Wrong Day, Nina Romain.
2018 Film Horror, Lillies, Nina Romain.
2018 Film Projection. Abdel Belabbes Red Mist Films.
2018 Music Video Only Shadows RAWR Films. Matthew Hoult.
2017 TV. Judge Rinder Christmas Special. ITV.
2017 First Responder. Aviva Insurance Commercial.
2017 Film The Legend of Holly Turner. Richard Phillips
2017 TV Mind The Age Gap. Series Channel 5. Natalie Von Hurter
2017 Film A Vessel in Time. Daisy Turvey
2016 Film Blood Bond. producer Tra Nguyen, director Mike Ly
2016 Film Dear Bullies, We Win. Beddu Productions
2016 Film The Registrar in A Greek Wedding Lanza & Baucina.
2016 Film Hello Au Revoir Director Jason Croot
2016 Film Her Anchor . Henry Desira.
2016 Goodbye Blue Micheal W Elliot
2015 short film. 'Molluscophobia ' played 'Ted' producer Brook Taylor.
2015 play 'Remember Scarborough' Damian Stuart Production ( Old Man)
2015 Portazza photo shoot , Portazza
2014 Channel 4 TV ' WEIGHING UP THE ENEMY' MAVERICK TV, ( The Psychic )
2014 Indian film Guru Guru.produced by the renown Indian film maker Dr Lenin Rajendran ( Angry Magistrate)
2010 TV 'Tony Stockwell's Psychic School' for SKY Living TV. ( Psychic investigator )
2010 TV Great British ESP Challenge for Sky Living TV.
2008 Snow White and the eight Dwarfs pantomime, ( Mr Pickles) raising £20.000 for UGLE

Acted in a fight scene of 'Wolf It' appeared in Sky Atlantic ' The Tunnel'. Drive away villain in the TV Crime Show 'Police 5' .Other 'Extra' work for various TV productions and walk on parts.


Extras experience

Previous speaking roles

Extras agent

Reality Check Management & TIny Angels Adults


Modeling experience

Part-time model - paid commercial work

Modelling agent

Tiny Angels Adults

2018. Transferwise advertising campaign across, Transport For London.
2018. Steal the Style.Modelling UCA Production for Maidstone tv Studios, Producer Jemma Cotterell
2018. Photo Shoot for
2015. Portazza photo/modelling shot.

TV & Reality

Height: 6'2" Build: Strong Character, Hair: neat Salt n’ Pepper, Eyes: Brown.
Television: and Reality.
2018. Transgender Presenter, Web Life is Art Visuals Film.
2017. BBC Breakfast Show interview.
2017. 'Judge Rinder Christmas Special' ITV
2017. 'Mind The Age Gap' tv series for Channel 5
2016. 'The Great Divide' Channel 5 television.
2015. 'Pick Me' game show ITV. Stephen Mulhern
2014. ‘Weighing up the Enemy’ Channel 4 television, Dr Christian Jessen( Embarrassing Bodies) Directed by Tamara Walton,
2010 ‘Psychic School’ Living TV for SKY TV. Directed by Craig Goldman.5 one hour shows.
2010 ‘ Great British E.S.P Challenge for Living TV on Sky.
2009 Jim Davidson. Big Break Directed by Geoff Miles.
2008 writer & starred in Snow White & Eight Dwarfs.Directed by Mr Barry Andrews.
Various small parts and Extra work most recently in SKY Atlantic 'The Tunnel'


TV presenter experience

No previous TV presenter experience

Presenting agent

Tiny Angels Adults

  • English

  • Australian
  • Irish
  • New Zealand
  • UK Cockney
  • UK English
  • UK Posh
  • UK Scottish
  • Indian

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