Kyle Spyrides

Influencer, Photographer

Western Australia, Australia
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Credits & experience

  • Photo Hendriks : Group & Portrait Photographer
  • Advanced Life : Sports Photographer
  • Ultimo Tafe, Sydney : Diploma of Photo Imaging
  • The Pool Collective : Assistant Photographer


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Full-time professional (paid work)

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Having worked many years as a Photographer, I have strengthened my personable qualities to benefit all social environments. This has allowed me to get the most out of my subject whilst making them feel at ease. I have been running my Freelance Photography business for over three years. In this time I have photographed Children’s Birthdays, Weddings, Corporate Portraits and Real Estate. This has helped build my understanding and knowledge of all aspects that entail a Photography business.

Photography is definitely my biggest passion ... well it’s right there with health & love. Chasing the constant ever-changing moment which in a fraction of a second can tell a complete story and leave viewers enchanted, that is what really drives me. Whether I have a camera with me or not, I see images everywhere constantly training my eyes with composition, lighting, framing, leading lines and storytelling. This however is not a tireless effort for me but rather how I see the world. The meditative process of ‘being in the moment’ is a great state that photography pushes you to be in and a great mantra to live by as every moment can be special.

You can contact me direct via email - or via phone call 0423 640 315

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