Chau M

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Victoria, Australia


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Booking with Chau was so straightforward and easy! She provided an exceptional amount of detail. Makeup was quick and easy and she used high end products. Chau is easygoing and a pleasure to work with! Would recommend to anyone :)

Recommended for Makeup Artist Nov 22, 2021

It was such a pleasure to work with Chau M! Definitely recommend! Brilliant & talented. Hope to work with you again.

Recommended for Hair, Makeup & Styling Nov 17, 2021

Chau is an incredibly talented professional, very kind and easy to talk to and work with, I had a lot of fun on set and felt very relaxed :) I highly recommend her!

Recommended for Makeup Artist Nov 17, 2021

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It was a great experience to work With Linda. She‘s definitely a professional makeup artist and photographs. And she also gave a lot of advice for the lighting and posts.

Recommended for Photography Jul 3, 2021

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Working with Linda was a dream, her professionalism and quality were outstanding. I felt comfortable in her working environment instantly!

Recommended for Photography Apr 27, 2021

Very talented and kind

Recommended for Makeup Artist Apr 26, 2021

Very professional and easy to work with Chau! Gave great instructions and the final product was amazing

Recommended for Modelling Apr 11, 2021

It was such a pleasure to work with Chau M! Punctual, professional, and efficient. Definitely the right choice to go. Highly recommend.

Recommended for Photography Apr 7, 2021

I love working with Linda ! She is a professional, passionate MUA and also a beauty photographer . Everything was so well organised , from her website, clear communication and fast response to the shooting session ! Everything was smooth and flawless! It was easy and pleasant to work with Linda ! I would definitely recommend Linda for MUA !

Recommended for Makeup Artist Apr 5, 2021

Chau was so wonderful to work with. Would definitely recommend her amazing makeup skills to others!

Recommended for Hair, Makeup & Styling Apr 2, 2021

Very professional, organised, and good communicator! Achieves great end products

Recommended for Photography Apr 2, 2021

Very professional and friendly to work with! Thanks for providing clear directions on set which made the photography session very seamless.

Recommended for Photography Apr 2, 2021

Chau was such an amazing photographer. She was very professional and friendly to work with. Had a wonderful time working with her and loved the captures she took. I would definitely recommend her to anyone without a doubt! Looking forward to work with her again!

Recommended for Photography Apr 2, 2021

She’s an amazing person with great qualities and passion.

Recommended for Hair, Makeup & Styling Apr 2, 2021

Chau is such an inspiring kind and organised women, she is both friendly and approachable and was very thorough and stayed in excellent communication the whole time! Although I wasn’t able to make it after a personal issue coming up on my end, I would recommend purely on the professionalism and compassion this lovely woman showed me :) definitely recommend working with her if you get the chance!

Recommended for Staff/temp Jan 28, 2021

I highly recommend Chau as a make-up artist as well as photographer. Chau was very professional and had excellent communication from first contact up until the shoot. Everything was organised and clean and she was so lovely and friendly too. I can't wait to see the finished product and hope to work with her again in the future.

Recommended for Makeup Artist Jan 28, 2021

very friendly and creative

Recommended for Photography Jan 12, 2021

Linda was extremely professional and made me feel very comfortable while she was doing my makeup. The makeup she did was stunning and it looked amazing on camera. I would definitely work with her again!

Recommended for Makeup Artist Jan 6, 2021

I highly recommend working with Chau if you get the oppurtunity! She's so friendly and easy to work with. She made me feel very comfortable whilst working with her. She was very professional, from the moment she first contacted me, to the day of our shoot. Everything ran smoothly and my photos were awesome. You're in good hands!

Recommended for Photography Jan 2, 2021

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Chau is a makeup artist as well as a photographer and working with her was an amazing experience. She is very professional and both, photography and makeup turned out amazing. Her personality is beautiful too!

Recommended for Photography Jan 1, 2021