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Credits & experience

  • Honor Combat PTE Ltd : Founder and Chairman
  • ION CARE PTE Ltd : Founder
  • Champion League T 20 : Founder and Commissioner
  • International Cricket Council : Member Finance Committee
  • Indian Premier League (IPL) : Founder & Commissioner,
  • Board of Control for Cricket in India : Vice President
  • Rajasthan Cricket Association : President
  • Consulate of Jamaica - Mumbai : Honorary Counsel General of JAMAICA to India
  • ESPN INDIA : President
  • Buena Vista Television India. A joint venture with Walt Disney Company : President
  • Modi Entertainment : Chairman
  • DISNEY INDIA : President
  • Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. (FICCI) : Chairman Entertainment Committee for India
  • Indofil industries Limited : President
  • Godfrey Phillips India. A Phillip Morris Joint Venture : Executive Director
  • Modi Enterprises : President & Managing Director

TV & Reality

International Sports, Entertainment & Branding Visionary
Transforming Brands, Licensing & Partnerships in India & Around the Globe.
A visionary, known throughout the global sports and entertainment world as a fearless, and innovative leader, Mr. Modi has been at the epicenter of the one of the greatest revolutions in the history of Indian Cricket. As the founder of the Indian Premier League, he conceptualized the first-ever inter-city league a full ten years before he brought his dream to life. This is a shining example of the type of vision, foresight, and tenacity that characterizes Mr. Modi.

After formal education at Duke University and Pace University in the US, Mr. Modi assumed a management role in his family’s business, the renowned Modi Enterprises. As a member of one of the oldest and most successful industrial families in India, Mr. Modi grew up surrounded by choices, but has consistently taken the road less traveled, harnessing his passion for invention and technology to improve lives. He served on the executive team of Godfrey Phillips, one of the largest tobacco company in India, before charting his own direction as pioneer of Modi Entertainment Network (MEN).

At MEN, Mr. Modi once again demonstrated his phenomenal ability to not only see the opportunities, but against seemingly insurmountable odds, make the impossible a reality. Taking the helm at MEN, Mr. Modi was the first to bring ESPN, Fashion TV and Disney to the Pan-Indian region, and is recognized as the pioneer of the pay-TV model in India. Beyond his personal success, Mr. Modi loves his country, and her people, and is always striving to enrich the lives of Indian citizens by creating wealth, opportunities and culture.

On the heels of his success at MEN, Mr. Modi negotiated and networked his way into cricket administration, becoming the President of Rajasthan Cricket Association, and one of the youngest ever Vice Presidents of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI). It was at this time that he was finally able to bring his dream of an inter-city league to fruition, and the Indian Premier League (IPL) was born. Eight franchises were sold for an astonishing $720 million dollars, and Mr. Modi negotiated millions in sponsorship deals with Nike, Sahara, and other brands. He also architected a partnership with Google to create an online experience for Cricket fans that was unlike anything done before.

Mr. Modi’s efforts and leadership earned him titles and recognition from global media outlets like Time, Forbes, Business Week and Sports Illustrated, and made the IPL one of the most profitable and successful leagues in professional sports. He is currently living abroad with his wife and children, but still remains active in blue ocean expansion of Modi Enterprises, widely recognized as the man behind the ideas, the innovator who connects people, technology, and media in new and exciting ways.

Milestones & Achievements

? Recognized by Time, Sports Illustrated, Business Week, Forbes, Business Standard, and other influential global media outlets for launch of the Indian Premier League (IPL), one of world’s most popular Cricket organizations.
? Against extensive political and economic challenges, brought IPL to South Africa, and sustained the same phenomenal levels of viewership and attendance despite the move.
? Created billions dollar opportunities, and played an integral role in shaping the cultural direction of Modern India as visionary behind transformational changes in broadcast, sports, entertainment, and consumer products

INDIAN PREMIER LEAGUE (IPL), India | 2005 – 2010 - Founder

In comparison to international benchmarks for sporting businesses, the IPL juggernaut is valued at $4B, and has the potential to grow further. The IPL is the second-highest paid league in sport, with player salary cap at $9M, second only worldwide to the NBA.

It is, by most measures, a supernova of success.” – Newsweek

? Rose to power in Cricket administration against deeply entrenched opponents, becoming President of the RCA, Vice President of the PCA, and one of the youngest Vice Presidents in BCCI’s history.
? Transformed the sport in India as driving force behind launch of the league, with individual franchises valued at $67M, and single season revenues upwards $209M in revenue, with $100M in digital revenue and $60M in sponsorships.
? Modeled the league after a franchise ownership structure, to create a pioneering league lauded by Newsweek as a “behemoth cricket league.” In 2011, Newsweek valued the IPL brand at $41.3B, “an astonishing sum for a toddler of a brand”.

INDIAN PREMIER LEAGUE (IPL), India | 2005 – 2010 – Founder

Executive Value Highlights

? Unveiled the league to an unparalleled response from Cricket fans across the globe. Built one of the fastest-growing and highly regarded brands in sports, and sold broadcast rights for +$1B before the first ball ever bowled.
? Lauded by international press as a brand visionary and sports pioneer, winner of multiple awards including #19 out of 25 on Business Week’s 2008 most powerful global sports figures, the 2nd most powerful person in Indian sports in Sports Illustrated, and #16 on Time Magazine’s 2008 list of best sports executives.
? Engineered IPLs seamless relocation to South Africa in its second year. Created partnerships and program deals to capitalize on sellout crowds, and elevated the profile of the league through strategic global alliances, including a $45M Nike Sponsorship deal and a Sahara sponsorship worth over Rs. 313 Crore.
? Negotiated a partnership between IPL and Google to deploy an immersive fan experience, and conceptualized a partnership with YouTube for its first-ever live broadcast, exposing Cricket to new audiences around the world.

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