Lavinia White

Lavinia White Pro

New South Wales, Australia


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Lavinia was exceptional for our clients luxury jewellery film / photoshoot. She is experienced and able to take direction with ease. Her talent is undeniable and she can easily adapt to work on her own or in a group with the other models. She was also great with both photo and video. Lavinia is a stunning model and we would recommend her for any photo and / or film shoot. DUK Agency

Recommended for Modelling Oct 7, 2021

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Lavinia was great to work with, very professional, prompt, articulate and came well rehearsed. This meant that the shoot was completed on time, with ease, and the client was very happy with the professional outcome. Lavinia is articulate, well-educated, switched on and happy to take on feedback and also provide suggestions. The entire team said we would work with Lavinia again and recommend her for any type of on camera work.

Recommended for Presenting Jun 3, 2021

Lavinia recently was cast as the presenter for a corporate web spot for our company and I cannot overstate her professionalism and skill in the role. She arrived prepared and nailed every take, reading a reasonably technical script with enthusiasm and providing a great sense of authenticity. I would not hesitate to re-hire her for similar roles and as an extension, recommend her to anyone else looking for a highly-qualified presenter.

Recommended for Presenting Feb 14, 2021

Lavinia was very professional and a pleasure to work with! We would welcome the opportunity to work with her again.

Recommended for Modelling Mar 27, 2020

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Lavinia was fantastic in our presenter role. She nailed the dialogue and looked great in the part. She's a great asset and highly recommended :-)

Recommended for Presenting Mar 25, 2020

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I had the privilege to work with Lavinia. Truly a professional and a pleasure to work with

Recommended for Acting May 24, 2017

Very friendly, great smile, professional and patient.

Recommended for Modelling Jan 10, 2017

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Experienced model & great actress.

Recommended for Acting Apr 18, 2016

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Recommended for Mar 13, 2019

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Recommended for Acting Mar 16, 2018

Recommended for Acting Oct 13, 2017

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Recommended for Acting Oct 10, 2017

Recommended for Modelling Jul 19, 2017

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Recommended for Acting Jul 2, 2017