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Physical Attributes

182 cm / 6ft 0in
98 kg / 215 lbs
White / Caucasian
111 cm / 44 in
Skin color:
86 cm / 34 in
Eye color:
Hair color:
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Credits & experience

  • The Sketchy Sketch Show 2018 : Writer producer creator of the brand new show in 2018 The Sketchy Sketch Show. Fast packed show with various witty funny and outstanding writing and acting by all involved in this brand new project of mine. Hopefully be out on television in 2018
  • OVERLOOKED..SHORT FILM : My first main speaking role in short film OVERLOOKED. Role in this film short as a landlord and a father. Very proud of my acting performance and got an amazing recommendation also from producer. I have proved now what talents i have and find it all easy
  • LUCID FEATURE FILM : Background artist on this and received awesome feedback at how I performed again. Always wanting to be noticed and again was seen by producers to be the one getting people involved lively and confident. Was again filmed down SouLondon
  • FINAL SCORE FEATURE FILM..HIGHLAND MEDIA PRODUCTIONS...(IMDb CREDITED) : Final Score..Film about a group of criminals who take over a football stadium in front of 30,000 people. Small part as a journalist gained me another IMDb Credit
  • WEB COMEDY SERIES... (CROOKED VALLEY) : Extra role. Again short notice but jumped on board. Again good laugh which i enjoyed. Parkinson productions
  • AUDIO VOICEOVER... (GORTON MONISTRY) : Friar Peter Gorton Monistry. A role I enjoyed as it was my very first voiceover piece. Was a different experience that I enjoyed as I like to try new things in the performing arts industry
  • WEB COMEDY SERIES... (CROOKED VALLEY) : Computer Troller Murdered. A small part as I jumped on board with this filming in Manchester at very short notice. Parkinson Productions
  • REALITY TV... (STORAGE HUNTERS UK)...NORTH ONE TELEVISION...(IMDb CREDITED) : Bidder for hit Reality TV show on DAVE. This is one of the new hour long specials as it's a series full of celebrities
  • FILM SHORT... (THE VOW) : Just marrried man. Zombie film played part of both for this which was a really fun film to be involved in
  • INTERVIEWS FOR LOCAL PRESS... (ROCHDALE OBSERVER) : Interviews for my home town press. The Rochdale Observer and The Heywood Advertiser about how my documentary for Channel 5 has changed my life as I look for a career in acting
  • REALITY TV SHOW... (STORAGE HUNTERS UK) Series 5 Episode 5...NORTH ONE TELEVISION PRODUCTIONS : Role as a bidder on this programme. Was happy and found this a great day and too meet some great buyers and dealers but most of all meeting the great fast talking comidian Mr Sean Kelly
  • Movie Buff... (INTERVIEW) :
  • MANCHESTER EVENING NEWS PRESS...(NEWSPAPER INTERVIEWS) : Interviews in Feb about how I've changed my life around and found a starting point for maybe a decent acting career
  • MUSIC VIDEO EDM PRODUCTIONS MAIN ACTOR : Husko Daylight released Jan 2016 filmed in Stoke this was my 1st ever main role. Played part of a guy fed up with his job and takes action. He ends up losing his cool and desides to plan a robbery and then spend it on his friends
  • THE SUN NEWSPAPER INTERVIEW... : Interview with Diana Appalyard of The Sun newspaper
  • FILM SHORT...Kat Pearl Production : Was an extra at first in this short horror film. But I made myself noticed and ended up going from an extra to having a small part as a murderer in this production.
  • REALITY TV...ITV (JUDGE RINDER) : Appeared on Judge Rinder ITV Show
  • FILM SHORT... (The Con Game)...(IMDb CREDITED) : Gained my first IMDb Credit for this short and brilliant film. Played a homeless person in the soup kitchens where Irish travellers targeted homeless by promising everything to them. When reality they ended up subjects of abuse and violence. Treated like
  • MUSIC VIDEOS...PINES..(Barkmedia Productions) : Actor in Music Video filmed at the famous Peter Kays Phoenix Nights Club. Farnworth. This song is brilliant and really give me a shiver when I heard the music to it. So it was in famous surroundings with an awesome song to top it off.
  • ADVERT IN LONDON FOR CARLSBERG.. : Football player with loads of others including Petr Chek and Peter Schmeichel. Was a great laugh all day. Amazing experience. Love filming anything to do with football.
  • MUSIC VIDEO... (LEO STANNARD) : Played prisoner role in fantastic surroundings in the old H.M.P Lancaster. Was in the cell where they kept the Birmingham Six prisoners for young solo artist Leo Stannard for his music video
  • MUSIC VIDEO...THE SHRINES. (VIEW MEDIA) : Extra in a music video for another band named the shrines Film to appear Dec 2015
  • MUSIC VIDEO... (TAYLORS) : Played a small part as an extra for Taylors a new duo
  • MUSIC VIDEO... (VIRUS SYNDICATE) EY3 MEDIA : Played background role in my first shoot since joining Starnow. Had to prove myself and got into the front of the action half way through the set. Played hooligan part for the hip hop sensations. The rappers said I was keen and well up for it.
  • DOCUMENTARY...(CHANNEL 5) : Main face of documentary for Reality TV Documentary
  • ITV PRODUCTION... (This Morning) : Live interview on ITV with Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby to discuss the channel 5 documentary which was aired the night after which i was the face of


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

Acting agent

JCM Management

  • English

  • UK English


July 2015 Extra music video for Hip Hop sensations Virus Syndicate we were the background thugs on there track RAGS.

July 2015 Extra in Carlsberg advert
Played football on a massive field down in South London for a major alcoholic drink.

AUGUST 2015 Appearance on reality TV show Judge Rinder.

AUGUST 2015 Music Video in Halifax again as an extra.

AUGUST 2015 Music video were I played a part of a prisoner filmed in the old H.M.P Lancaster at the castle for young solo artist Leo Stannard

SEPTEMBER 2015 short horror film. I turned up for this role in Manchester again as an extra. But my enthusiasm and energy was obviously seen by the producers of the film they offered me a small part. I was a straddled man basically a murderer.

SEPTEMBER 2015 Music video filmed at the social club in Farnworth made famous from Peter Kays Pheonix Nights. This was for a new group named PINES.

NOVEMBER 2015 Another short film were I was to play the part of a homeless person in the soup kitchens. This film The Con Game is based on a true story. It also give me my first IMDB Credit

NOVEMBER 2015 My first ever main role in a music video by electronic house producer Husko on his track Daylight. Played the part of a guy who hates his job. He loses his cool and decides enough is enough. He smashes up his office throwing everything in sight. Then he makes plans to do a robbery on his old employees. He pulls this robbery off and takes thousands of pounds. Then he takes all his friends out for a night they won't forget. That was eventually released in Jan 2016. Take a look at this track on my videos.

DECEMBER 2015 had a few interviews about how I was mentioned by a few people who were beginning to notice me.

FEBRUARY 2016 Filmed for North One Television as made a appearance on another Hit reality TV series on DAVE in Storage Hunters UK. This has already been aired. It's series 5 episode 5 down in Leeds.

APRIL 2016 Music Video for another new band The Shrines.

APRIL 2016 A short film named The Vow as I played a happily newly married man who turns into a zombie and is killed off by his newly wedded wife as she smashes a spade of his head.

MAY 2016 Another casting with North One Television. Storage Hunters UK. Celebrity special to be aired October 2016. 1 hour special

Played part of friar Pete in a Audio for Gorton Monistry which was my first Audio/Voiceover.

Played part of a computer trolley killed in the comedy Web series Crooked Valley

Played short extra role again in Comedy Web series Crooked Valley

IMDb Credit for this massive blockbuster film which is to be realised in 2017.
Played part of a journalist in a massive feature film FINAL SCORE. Was also an extra as a football fan in the film.
A film about a group of criminals who take over a football stadium crammed with 30,000 football fans. Film Stars Pierce Brosnon. And Dave Batistuta

Filmed this at the ballroom in Brockley London Lewisham. Played an extra in this feature film

Filmed in Stoke main. My very first main speaking role as a landlord with a young child. Out soon. Loved everything about this role. Showed just how comfortable and confident in speaking roles also. My recommendation by the film producer says I shocked the whole crew with my ability to show real grief despair and also my ability to cry on cue. I have a natural talent and find it all easy


Extras experience

Previous speaking roles

Extras agent

JCM Management

Experience in a lot of various film/music videos


Modeling experience

Beginner, starting out


Guitar ability


Bass Guitar ability


Vocal ability

Lead singer

Singing styles
  • Rock

Favourite genres
  • Indie

Influences: The Charlatans, Oasis, Happy Mondays, R.e.m

Been involved as a front man with a couple of bands over the years. Although I've enjoyed it I still like to sing but not that much to start in a band. Would love to be in a film though about some group that's been out there. Think that would be brilliant

TV & Reality

June 2014 ITV.. (THIS MORNING)
Live interview on the couch being Interviewed by Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby.
Interview was about the documentary I was to appear on the following evening

Documentary I am the face of. This was eventually the start of my acting career as I knew I was confident when in front of the cameras

November 2015 ITV.. (JUDGE RINDER SHOW)
Appearance on the hit reality TV show. It was my sister Michelle vs Myself. Quite a story which ITV had told us everyone was shocked and also honoured us both with our story.

First appearance on another Hit reality TV series on DAVE.
Leeds Series 5 Episode 5.
Loved every minute of filming in this.

Still to be aired this one so can't say much more about the episode
But yes was again great filming this one.
Was with some real quality talented people.


  • English

  • UK English

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