Lincoln Jackson

Lincoln Jackson Pro

Auckland, New Zealand


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Lincoln was great to work with, extremely accommodating and engaged with the script. Great to have on set.

Recommended for Acting Jan 24, 2019

Nice friendly guy good to work with

Recommended for Acting Jul 26, 2017

Really appreciated Lincoln's enthusiasm and professionalism on set! Looking forward to working with him again in the near future.

Recommended for Acting Jun 28, 2017

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I worked with Lincoln in short film "Cafe Something" he brought his character to life and had us in fits of laughter, he is a great asset and a dedicated team player highly recommended!

Recommended for Acting Apr 6, 2017

Give this man some space with the character and on set, and he WILL MAKE YOUR MOVIE COME ALIVE! Humble and friendly, Lincoln got us very excited during the cold read, and when it came to filming has us bursting out laughing during his scenes. Highly recommend to any film maker who knows how to let actors do their job without restraining them. Honestly I could keep going on and on how awesome he was. The man - straight up. See you again soon Lincoln.

Recommended for Acting Mar 27, 2017

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Lincoln put the effort in to know his character's and lines. He takes personal interest in the project and always arrives on time and ready to perform. He is an excellent actor and I highly recommend him for any acting work. His contribution to this project and involvement in our community is valued and appreciated by all of us who have worked with him.

Recommended for Acting Mar 7, 2017

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Pleasure on set - thanks man!

Recommended for Acting Sep 26, 2015

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