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Actors Wanted to Play Sci-Fi Soap Operas Families

Actors Wanted to Play Sci-Fi Soap Operas Families

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Currently looking nationwide for the shows major characters. Dark Temptation is a steam punk sci-fi thriller action packed soap that is now looking for the main members of its four main clans.

The story begins with a group of gangsters who break into a vault and steal some diamonds unaware of their connections to two warring fractions of the supernatural. Applicants who have previously applied don't need to apply again as we have your details and will be in touch.

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August 2019

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Zoberon "Ronnie" Sinclair

Father of the down to earth Sinclair's. Former member of Joseph Sinclair's inner circle. Hates the fact that his children are following in his footsteps. Desperate to leave this world behind.

Males, aged 45 to 56

Ursula Sinclair

Former glamour girl. Mother of eight children from 28 to14. The heart of the family.

Females, aged 48 to 58

Addison Sinclair

The oldest of Ursula children, she had him when she was 17. Techno whizz. His death sets off the turf war. Will reappear as a ghost to his mother as he becomes trapped between both worlds.

Males, aged 26 to 34

Lazarus Sinclair

Twin brother and second eldest boy. Former biker gang leader, married for four years to Angelica hot on the heels of losing true love Crustacea to his rival Wolfric. Determined to fully own the Lava Lounge night club

Males, aged 24 to 31

Lydia Sinclair

Lazarus' twin sister, more of a sociopafh than her brother. After a string of dubious boyfriend's has found her soul mate in Rhys. Even if members of the gang refer to him as the little woman.

Females, aged 23 to 29

Kent Sinclair

Used to look up to his brother Lazarus but some family drama has caused him to become estranged. Leaving their mother stuck in the middle.

Males, aged 22 to 27

Castor Sinclair

Bronzed beach bum type. Newly married but believes he's goes gift to women.

Males, aged 22 to 26

Ophelia Sinclair

The newly married wife of Castor although she is really in love with Lazarus. Adores the club where she was once nearly deputy manager or so she believes. Following Lazarus wife going to her parents in Italy tries to muscle in.

Females, aged 20 to 28

Rush Sinclair

Youngest of the boys and who the others see as the golden child. Naive and more interested in his studies. Tries to keep the crumbling family together.

Males, aged 18 to 23

Luisa Hartman

Married to Stafford Hartman Luisa is trapped between the two families when the turf war really begins to escalate.

Females, aged 22 to 25

Adrianna Sinclair

To play tomboy Adrianna at 14 the youngest member of the family. Head of a gang of school bullies.

Females, aged 18 to 20

Susannah Roach

Ophelia's wild child sister, often in trouble. Offers herself on a plate to Lazarus. Engaged to his cousin Logan and the soft spot in Castors heart.

Females, aged 18 to 24

Rhys Altman

Fiance to Lydia. Her rock but exposes Lydias insecurities when girls like Daisy flirt with him. Not involved in the gangs activities which leads to him being referred to as her little woman. Best friends with Charlie. A member of the local rugby team.

Males, aged 28 to 33

Arthur Fontaine

A dreamer who made his dreams come true when he opened the Lava Lounge however crippling financial debts have allowed first Lazarus and then Angelica to buy into his club. He barely owns the major share and following his wife's death begins to realise the club is no longer his.

Males, aged 50 to 59

Natasha Fontaine

Rounding off this glam Hollywood of yesteryear type couple. Natasha has all ways stood by her man until he allowed Lazarus to buy into the club. Which sparked a family feud that resulted in them not seeing their son Charlie for years.

Females, aged 47 to 56

Rex Fontaine

Cocky youngest son of the Fontaine family has a serious gambling addiction. Owes Lazarus his life, which older brother Charlie sees as him being in his pocket.

Males, aged 23 to 27

Scarlett Fontaine

Arthur's daughter and the Apple of his eye engaged to socialite Jonas Whittaker who she discovers is having an affair with her best mate. Following the death of her mother goes to Australia but is being followed.

Females, aged 21 to 27

Estelle Fontaine

Charlie's snooty wife but that doesn't stop her from having a quick bunk up with his brother.

Females, aged 25 to 29

  • Skin color: Black

CeCelia Hemswell

Zoberons hard nosed sister. A bit like a mature mean girl. CeCelia and her crew are big fishes in a little pond. Never moving away think they own Ashforth when in reality not as important as they think they are.

Females, aged 48 to 54

Frank Hemswell

CeCelia's husband and gang member all ways in Lazarus' shadow. A schemer who plans to unite treacherous elements of both factions.

Males, aged 50 to 58

Logan Hemswell

Jealous of his cousin, runs the clubs taxis. His father nearly uncovers his plans to gain power so murders him. At his mother's insistence dumps Susannah despite actually loving her.

Males, aged 24 to 28

Wolfric Hartman

Arch rival to Lazarus. Married Crustacea just because he could. Deputy manager of his mother's club which really upsets him considering Lazarus success.

Males, aged 29 to 32

Audrisa Hartman

Wolfrics mother and rival club owner. Plays the downbeaten wife despite the fact that she used to beat her husband Joseph and had an affair with Arthur.

Females, aged 52 to 58

Joseph Hartman

Notorious gangster who is secretly beaten by his wife. Has fallen in love with a secret mistress who he goes to Italy to be with

Males, aged 62 to 69

Niall Hartman

Joseph's brother is shot before Addison.

Males, aged 49 to 57

Karch Hartman

Younger brother of Wolfric. The most angry at his father's betrayal but did he really kill his father.

Males, aged 22 to 27

Violette Hartman

Joseph's daughter who argued with him and wanted him dead over the affair and the things he said to her about being pregnant to a Sinclair.

Females, aged 18 to 23

Stafford Hartman

Niall's son married to Luisa. Doesnt share her feelings of being trapped in the middle of the turf war.

Males, aged 27 to 30

Buzz Bradshaw

Ursula dad plays on his decrepidness to get the family to look after him but is really a nasty piece of work that Zoberon would love to remove from the picture especially when he discovers he murdered Ursula's mum.

Males, aged 70 to 75

Greg Hemswell

Mechanic who often works on the families cabs. Accidentally witnesses his brother Logan murder their father.

Males, aged 32 to 37


A mighty Sagosian, reindeer like alien loyal to Lazarus after he rescues him from slave traffickers. Desperate to find his teenage son.

Males, aged 33 to 44

Eddie Samms

Lazarus head honcho older members of the gang dont trust him as his brother works for Hartman.

Males, aged 24 to 29

  • Skin color: Black

Ethan Samms

Eddie's older brother and part of Hartmans rival gang.

Males, aged 26 to 36

  • Skin color: Black

Fallon Samms

Their mother stuck in the middle but favouring the Hartmans blames the Sinclair's for the troubles.

Females, aged 52 to 63

  • Skin color: Black

Crustacea Hartman

Trophy wife of Wolfric really loves Lazarus.

Females, aged 27 to 32

Sylvia Carmichael

Slightly over weight, down trodden cleaner who gets promoter to head cleaner despite her fears she can't do it.

Females, aged 21 to 26

Mike Gibson

Rugby captain for Charlie and Rhys squad. Rhys uncle becomes chief suspect for Ashforth attacker.

Males, aged 37 to 47

  • Skin color: Black

Vienna Brookes

Female with a passion for gangsters. Ophelia thinks she's trash.

Females, aged 20 to 24

Blaise Samms

Quick witted, sassy wife of Ethan.

Females, aged 25 to 32

Sgt. Tom Forrester

A retired copper who knows the families of old and was involved in a previous case similar to the Ashforth Arsonist.

Males, aged 62 to 68

D.I. Hannah Forrester

Tom's daughter who has risen thru the ranks further than her father but shocked as to how much her father is hiding.

Females, aged 26 to 38

Mui Choi

Chinese chef who works at Club Excelsior a fountain of knowledge but dont underestimate her as she knows everybody's secrets.

Females, aged 52 to 63

Saskia Warrington

Blonde streaked old lush. Mother of Ophelia and Susannah. A raging alcoholic who used to live on her looks but feels older than she is because the alcohol and drugs have taken their toll.

Females, aged 48 to 53

Thesia Virdi

An internal security guard who helps the gang get the jewels to pay for her terminally ill mother.

Females, aged 23 to 28

  • Ethnicity: Indian


Felinian night club singer. A sassy young singer who is really a familiar.

Females, aged 18 to 25

Angelica Sinclair

Mother of two who is connected to the supernatural side of the diamonds. Wife of Lazarus, daughter of Roberto and Lydia hates her.

Females, aged 25 to 30

  • Ethnicity: Latinx / Hispanic

Silas Langton

Looking for a Ray Winstone type to play nasty head honcho for Joseph Hartman who has a sinister hold over Joseph's daughter Violette. This will not be what the audience thinks but this will be kept secret between production team and actors involved.

Males, aged 46 to 54

Ira Samms

Estranged husband and father of the Samms family has been in jail for a crime he didn't commit.

Males, aged 42 to 57

  • Skin color: Black


Bulbous frog like alien. Lisping toady of Joseph and Wolfric Hartman. Loves to eat flies, bad driver and whipping boy.

Males, aged 23 to 46

Alaric Hartman

Joseph's father who has retired to Australia but still has spies in his sons organisation to keep him up to date with things back home or make things happen under his instruction. Lives with second wife Caitlyn and has money invested in Australia.

Males, aged 60 to 70

Darren Clayton

Hunky member of the gang looks a lot like Zoberon which people think is due to an affair with his mother Ella Clayton and Zoberon's father but is something else entirely that could only be pulled off in this type of drama.

Males, aged 33 to 39


Highly strung camp but not gay deputy manager of the Lava Lounge. Likes to think he is the most integral clog in the club.

Males, aged 36 to 49

Cringe and Hackett

Two loud and obnoxious Gnarlon sisters who like nothing more than getting drunk and going on man hunts without much success. Hackett tens to carry a dog around in her handbag who unfortunately has a flatulence problem.

Females, aged 30 to 50

Brandy Appleton

Ageing drag artists who loves nothing more than a good gossip has a major crush on Arthur Fontaine.

Males, aged 39 to 60

Haslam Sykes

Grungy former lover of Lydias now drug addict and down and out arrives at the hostel that has connections to Rev Shannon Flaherty. Becomes a prime suspect for the Ashforth Arsonist especially after he attacks Lydia and leaves her for dead.

Males, aged 32 to 36

Will Scarboro

Survivor of original diamond heist, claims others were murdered by witches and sorcerers that makes people think he's crazy. A gang working for Accorsi want to silence him while another gang working for gangster Bruno Rensler have been ordered to extract him.

Males, aged 35 to 42


Over the top fashion designer who refuses to work with Angelica when she takes over her mother's fashion house because of who her husband is.

Males, aged 53 to 64

Gabriella Romano

Red's latest lover who lives on a boat at the marina who his mother doesn't like.

Females, aged 22 to 34

Jonas Whittaker

Spoilt rich kid fiance of Scarlett who is cheating on her with her chief bridesmaid Raelene Prescott. Unaware she is also loved by both Lazarus and Wolfric.

Males, aged 22 to 26

Raelene Prescott

Scarlett's chief bridesmaid who is having an affair with the groom. She crosses swords at a later date with Crustacea.

Females, aged 23 to 29

Fabian Sumner

Bar supervisor at the Lava Lounge who is really out to destroy it. Is selling drugs in the club despite Lazarus forbidding his own men from doing so. Also causes mayhem with the health inspector.

Males, aged 31 to 38

Kimberly Marston

Girlfriend of one of Lazarus' men Max Cosgrove who is also having an affair with detective Blake Grayston but is also being blackmailed by Logan to set his cousin up. Her murder leads to Blake having a vendetta against the gang.

Females, aged 24 to 28

DC Blake Grayston

Son of legendary detective chief inspector Martin Grayston desperate to live up to his father's expectations. In love with Kymberly despite her connections to the underworld.

Males, aged 27 to 34

  • Skin color: Black

Max Cosgrove

One of Lazarus'd hard men dating Kymberly. Very hairy biker.

Males, aged 27 to 33

Maddy Sinclair

Lazarus' gran biker chick with a hefty right hook.

Females, aged 54 to 67

Dayle Kennard

Logan's best mate who gets caught up in his schemes and pays a heavy price.

Males, aged 26 to 35

Hunter Reid

Head of the mutiny among Wolfrics men.

Males, aged 30 to 37


Hunters right hand man.

Males, aged 28 to 36


Alien Princess running away from an arranged marriage because she is a lesbian gets a job at Club Excelsior while lying low unaware her father has put a price on her head.

Females, aged 26 to 37

Dee Vitahli

One of Wolfrics men who is spying on him for his grandfather in Australia in case Wolfric disobeys the family code.

Males, aged 27 to 32

  • Ethnicity: Indian

Charlie Mitchell

Sassy guitar player who used to date Charlie before he left. Her sister Melanie died of a drugs overdose.

Females, aged 26 to 34

Galen Wyndsor

A Fagin style runner of a bunch of teenage pick pockets.

Males, aged 33 to 37

Tony Callaghan

Wolfrics enforcer. Handsome but sadistic. Will clash with Jazmyn.

Males, aged 28 to 32

Permelia Beasley

Confidence trickster plotting to turn the tables on Logan.

Females, aged 23 to 27

  • Skin color: Black

Mercury Fox

Paraplegic deputy manager of Club Excelsior who stands up to the Hartmans.

Males, aged 30 to 38


Portugese cleaner at the club, big friendly guy who ends up being on the same night flight as Angelica and coming to her rescue.

Males, aged 28 to 36

Glenn Thorne

Nice guy Glenn is the much put upon general dogsbody at the club especially when Ophelia steps in to replace Angelica.

Males, aged 32 to 37

Daisy Thorne

Good time girl who gets on the wrong side of Lydia when she flirts with Rhys, not a wise decision especially as she's the captain of the rival ice hockey team. Lydia vents her anger with the hockey stick putting her in hospital.

Females, aged 22 to 27

Melody Michelson

Studious looking administration executive who works for Wolfric but accidentally uncovers data on the computer regarding the activities of Wolfric's father Joseph that puts her in danger.

Females, aged 25 to 31

Clarissa Faulkner

Wealthy mother of Audrissa who has a reputation for being a black widow.

Females, aged 53 to 67

Evangeline Faulkner

Audrisa younger sister about to marry Paul Sneddon.

Females, aged 36 to 42

Karl Sneddon

Powerfully built member of Zoberons gang.

Males, aged 39 to 45

Sarah Daniels

Girlfriend of Karl who steals the diamonds out from under them

Females, aged 26 to 33

Paul Sneddon

Karl's brother about to marry into money.

Males, aged 33 to 37

Harley Daniels

Works at the Excelsior but is selling secrets to the Sinclairs

Females, aged 36 to 40

Mehmet Salih

Turkish cab boss who the Sinclair's are trying to put out of business.

Males, aged 45 to 54

  • Skin color: Olive, Tanned

Craig Warner

Wet behind the ears munitions guy Zoberon only takes him along because his regular guy is too drunk.

Males, aged 23 to 27

Bonnie Buchannan

Getaway driver who is dating Rhys' uncle Mike.

Females, aged 28 to 35

Adele Smart

Sylvia'z bubbly friend who works with Her as a cleaner at the club until Sylvia gets the job as head cleaner not her.

Females, aged 23 to 29

Rhula Julatti

Suspected murderer

Females, aged 43 to 57

Solomon Duchovny

Ruthless loan shark who Gammarus Crustacea's brother is in debt too.

Males, aged 34 to 42

Gammarus Hyde

Crustacea older brother who is in debt to Solomon when he discovers his sister is having an affair turns to blackmail.

Males, aged 29 to 36

Neil Noble

Bouncer who believes Arthur was responsible for his wife's death.

Males, aged 34 to 43

Benji Barnes

Cheeky young bouncer who uses his job to chat up girls.

Males, aged 22 to 37

Vikki Ramsay

Busty bar supervisor at Club Excelsior, single and fancy free. Has a strict code that what happens in the club stays at the club. Doesnt take kindly to what Harley is up to.

Females, aged 25 to 31

Lorna McNeil

One of Wolfric's deputies, who does kick boxing.

Females, aged 26 to 32

George Skinner

Youngest member of Joseph Hartmans inner circle and Langtons put upon deputy.

Males, aged 33 to 38

Amanda Carlisle

George's girlfriend desperate to get him out of the gangster lifestyle. Nervous around Langton but what is she hiding.

Females, aged 28 to 31

Charlie Fontaine

Arthur's eldest son hates Lazarus when he bought into the club Charlie and his father argued and he hasn't seen his parents for five years. Comes back for his sisters wedding.

Males, aged 28 to 34

Joey Wallis

Fat, greasy gangster that has been Lazarus friend since school and thinks he should be rewarded for this.

Males, aged 26 to 32

Elias Markham

Gangster who has discovered his boss was responsible for the murder of his father.

Males, aged 27 to 32

  • Skin color: Black


Oriental Martial artist who does Joseph's secret dirty work. Even his inner circle dont know of her existence.

Females, aged 29 to 35

Tracey Marshall

Jazmyn's cockney lesbian love interest and waitress at Excelsior.

Females, aged 23 to 27

Linus Armstrong

Liverpudlian rival gangster trying to muscle in.

Males, aged 38 to 47

Anij Kapoor

Medical student. Cold, clynical and professional puts her career on the line when she is forced to go against her code.

Females, aged 22 to 26

Kenny J. Carlisle

Amanda's father. Poker player Zoberon owes money too forcing him to do one last job for Joseph Hartman. Doesn't believe his daughter over her allegations about Langton.

Males, aged 50 to 60


A Gnarlon war criminal who is in the same prison as Luna and is her target.

Males, aged 35 to 47


At the moment we are looking for gang members for different sides.

Anyone, aged 18 and over

Various aliens

As punters, gangsters, police officers and citizens

Anyone, aged 18 and over

Police officers

Anyone, aged 18 and over

Grace Hartman

Former member of the sisters of blue lightning on the run Motuer of Joseph Hartman with strange mystical powers.

Females, aged 50 to 68

Open Auditions

As this project has plenty of twists n turns and as a gangster/ supernatural movie dressed as a soap opera we intend to burn through a lot of semi main characters and as some of these are only at the creation stage we welcome applicants who cant see a role that inspires them.

Anyone, aged 22 to 66

Mandy Watson

Ballsy getaway driver, who has a crush on Lazarus. Even though she makes him uncomfortable.

Females, aged 24 to 33

Declan Voight

Older gay character partner to Frank Hemswells father Donnie. Does not see eye to eye with Frank especially when his life of crime spills over into their home and armed men after Frank ransack their home.

Males, aged 52 to 67

Donnie Hemswell

Franks father rough tough gangster who used to be a nightclub bouncer. Settled down to domesticated life with partner Declan.

Males, aged 60 to 72

Mollie Shadwick

Addison's fiancee and mother of his child who is about to leave him for wealthy Irish business man Morgan Alderland when disaster strikes.

Females, aged 26 to 36

Morgan Alderland

Irish businessman who is having an affair with Addison Sinclair's fiancee Mollie.

Males, aged 33 to 39

Ro Shan

Max's former master who taught her martial arts but becomes one of her targets.

Males, aged 40 to 58

January Thistleton

Hannah's mother an assassin who had to leave her daughter with her father following a hit going wrong.

Females, aged 52 to 65

Boomer Brennan

Former member of Lazarus's biker gang after the diamonds argues with his brother Bellamy who thinks the new gang is his.

Males, aged 27 to 32

Maz Marston

Kimberley's sister blames Lazarus for her sister's death and pulls a blaster on him but will she kill him.

Females, aged 27 to 31

Rachel Langton

Silas's mouthy wife constantly throwing her weight around much to Silas's embarrassement.

Females, aged 35 to 52

Garth Roper

Sleazeball who takes advantage of Sylvia's lack of confidence to get the dirt on Lazarus and the police accusations against him in the wake of Angelica's disappearance.

Males, aged 28 to 33

Tori Stepens

Zoberon's confident sassy second in command.

Females, aged 29 to 36

  • Skin color: Black

Pandora Coulson

Sister of the flame discovers her powers following her mother's murder.

Females, aged 18 to 22

  • Ethnicity: Aboriginal / Torres Strait Islander

Jonjo Stephens

Tori's brother who is always in trouble seduces Pandora but only for the pendant her mother gives her.

Males, aged 22 to 27

  • Skin color: Black

Aithne Coulson

Pandora's mother gives her a mystical pendant before she is murdered.

Females, aged 39 to 56

  • Ethnicity: Aboriginal / Torres Strait Islander

Mitch McPherson

Alaric's right hand man, hiding the fact that he is the son of Angus McMahon a man Alaric murders.

Males, aged 30 to 41

Carlos Mesura

Grace's present lover, used car salesman.

Males, aged 53 to 61

Razhna. Head one

A two headed barman. One head make the other female.

Males, aged 18 and over

Razhna. Head two

A two headed bar person one head make the other female. the

Females, aged 18 and over

Terry Nash

One of Lazarus's old crew that works for his brother Addison.

Males, aged 26 to 31

  • Skin color: Black

Scott Hinchley

Member of Lazarus's crew who has crush on Lydia but she sees it as purely platonic.

Males, aged 24 to 29

Sean Knowles

Audrisa's chauffeur, the two are more than close but he is working for a mystery employer.

Males, aged 31 to 37


Crustacea's body guard, chauffeur and guardian. Employed by her husband to keep an eye on her.

Males, aged 28 to 38

Kadence Simpson

Sassy night club singer who performs with her sister Sadie at Club Excelsior. Tries to seduce Zoberon.

Females, aged 27 to 38

Sadie Simpson

Younger sister of Kadence. More naive than her sister and the object of unwanted attention from Silas Langton.

Females, aged 24 to 33

Ruby Englehorn

Latest recruit in the clubs dance troupe. Has a past that is connected to ond of the four families but i cant tell you which as it would ruin her story. Will have scenes with all major families.

Females, aged 21 to 26

  • Dancing ability: Intermediate

Glenn Thorne

Protective big brother and general dogsbody around Lava Lounge over used by Ophelia.

Males, aged 30 to 37

Rebekah Snow

One of the first victims of the Ashforth Arsonist. Graces niece.

Females, aged 37 to 48

Shane Langton

Butch thug who thinks his fathers position in the Hartmans empire gives him a position of power.

Males, aged 25 to 32

Haslam Sykes

Rough, sleazy and grungy former boyfriend of Lydias who has recently returned to the area living at Salvation Army hostel. Has a hold over Lydia and is a connection to a past she wants to forget.

Males, aged 28 to 35

Magdalene Kresgie

Lithuanian businesswoman representing Angelicas mothers interests in their fashion business.

Females, aged 28 to 42

Monique Gommendy

Stunning French singer Lazarus has ruffled feathers by introducing her to the Lava lounge.

Females, aged 24 to 34

Maz Marston

Kymberly's older sister who believes Lazarus was responsible for her death.

Females, aged 29 to 38

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