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Actors Wanted for a Whimsical Fantasy Spectacle with a Gorgeous Heart

Actors Wanted for a Whimsical Fantasy Spectacle with a Gorgeous Heart

Victoria, Australia

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'Book of the Old Ways' is a 15-20 minute fantasy short - produced as a graduating thesis film for the Masters of Film and Television at the VCA.

Once upon a time, there was a little boy who was very sick. And he was so sick, in fact, that he died on a warm, gentle summer night - and his spirit flew quietly out the window.

Fifteen years later, and the Dandneong forest quakes with the threat of a massive storm. And in that forest, the spirit of our little boy returns. He looks older now, and he’s got gorgeous sparrow-coloured wings, but he’s still very much got the soul of a child. And just like a child, he is so excited. Because today, in that storm, his mother is going to die.
And finally, after being alone for so long, he gets to be with her again.

…But not before he is captured by two mischievous children
…Two children who happen to be the little brother and sister Birdie never had a chance to meet in life.

And the three set off on an adventure to find their mum before the storm, and just maybe, return to the old ways.


It is a whimsical and bittersweet fantasy in the tone of Studio Ghibli, the Legend of Zelda and Peter Pan – bittersweet, cheeky, sad and heartfelt. An adventure into childhood wonder, longing and fate.

And as such, we're looking for an actor for Birdie, who, despite age can bring a sense of innocence and naivety.

This promises to be a very exciting shoot, to be filmed mostly around the Dandenong Ranges - a visual spectacle involving rain, and storm, and starlight - and perhaps even a car chase!

A film which frolics across the broad spectrum of emotion - exuberant joy and a deep longing sadness - all the emotions of childhood and growing up, loss and love.

Please apply if you would like to join us on this incredible journey.

All minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Audition / Rehearsal / Production dates

Production Dates are 29th August - 4th September

Job payment

Payment TBC


Birdie is Alexander grown up. Even though his spirit appears older, his essence has not aged since his death. He is a young boy in spirit: curious, inquisitive, single minded, childishly self-centred but ultimately pure of heart. As a spirit, and he can’t speak to the living, and must communicate through his facial emotion. Birdie longs for the old ways, the warmth of childhood and the embrace of a mother’s love.
Age wise, he appears somewhere between late adolescence and young adulthood.

Males, aged 16 to 25


When Birdie was a little boy, he was known by the name Alexander. He was not a very strong boy, and was quite ill. One day, when he was not feeling particularly well, his mum read him the story of Peter Pan – the wonderous boy who could fly.

And that night, seeing his mum exhausted from working and caring for him, he decided he, like Peter Pan, would fly out the window. And so his spirit flew into the night sky.
Alexander is a sweet, adoring, selfless soul. He is mature beyond his years.

Males, aged 6 to 12


Charlie doesn’t know it at the start, but she is Birdie’s younger sister. She is a bright, strong-willed young girl – a natural leader with a spirit of adventure and a cheeky grin.

When she meets the mute Birdie, she thinks she’s found a new pet and friend, and tries to boss him around. Though she is initially a little selfish, she later finds compassion, and is compelled to help Birdie on his journey.

Females, aged 7 to 12


Benjamin, or Benji, is very young, but he has a quiet sensibility and compassion about him. He is awed by Birdie, and adores him instantly. He wants only the best for Birdie, and takes his duty of care very seriously. He has a sense of maturity and seriousness uncommon for his age.

Males, aged 3 to 8


A sweet, loving single-mother, she lost a child at a young age –and is very protective of her two younger children. She has little support, and struggles to balance work with caring for her children. There is perpetually weary, but there is no way she would let her children know. She will do whatever it takes to make sure her children grow up in a house full of love, protected from the sadness she feels within

Females, aged 30 to 45

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