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Cast Required for Roles in Drama Feature Film

Cast Required for Roles in Drama Feature Film

New South Wales, Australia. Apply from all Australia.

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After everything around him falls apart, a young hip-hop artist attempts to reconnect with his estranged family.
The primary themes explored in the film revolve around losing everything to then find yourself, as well as removing the mask that we all wear to protect ourselves from our own vulnerabilities.
On the surface, KB appears to be the typical modern day rapper, he has the face tatts, the coloured dreads, as well as all his tracks posted on Soundcloud. Beneath the veneer, is the uncomfortable truth of a very broken individual. His story begins to unravel when he is forced to leave the music world he is a part of behind and become reacquainted with his Muslim family while coming to terms with the trauma he experienced.

Audition / Rehearsal / Production dates

Tentative filming dates from the 6th of September to the 11th of October

Job payment

Payment TBC


A bright young actress who is far more used to the spotlight than her new boyfriend, she is caring, emotional, and empathetic. Expressed through her charity work but also the kindness she shows everybody, Elle is loving to a fault and is a media darling. She puts others before herself and does so happily. Elle is the type of person you know you’d love and you’d love to know.

Females, aged 18 to 25


Several years older than her little brother and several years more mature, Sarah is religious, but perhaps not as much as her husband. She is the breadwinner of the house, running a successful media production company. Overall, she is in a very good place and has moved on to the next stage in her life. Sarah is caring and empathetic, focused on her family and wants her brother to have the same ideals. To summarise, Sarah is a saint...with a slight temper.

Females, aged 25 to 35

  • Ethnicity: Middle Eastern


Large, loveable, and as genuine as they come, Patrick is the type of guy who has always been there and will always be there. Not necessarily as cool as KB’s entourage, he makes up for it with actually giving a shit. Works as a tradie and takes pride in his work. Lives in a small apartment with a sick view of the city.

Males, aged 22 to 30


A very handsome young man, Duke is a hit with the ladies everywhere he goes. Cool, slick, and stylish, Duke fits right into a rap artist’s entourage. But there is more to Duke than his looks, he is an intelligent, sincere and hardworking person and proves himself to be a trustworthy individual at the end of the film.

Males, aged 18 to 25

  • Ethnicity: Chinese, Eurasian / Pan Asian


A natural leader, Troy runs the show in this entourage. Energetic, lively, and always ready for a party, Troy is all about this life. Troy loves the girls, he loves the music, he loves the vibes, he loves the shows, and no friend of his is going to get in the way of it all.

Males, aged 18 to 25


The personification of tall, dark, and handsome, Isaiah is part of KB’s entourage, and is a square peg in a square hole in this cool clique. He’s the strong, silent type, unless he’s mucking around with those closest to him. More of a follower than a leader, when things go haywire for the hip hop artist, Isaiah is quick to follow Troy’s lead and turn his back on his old friend.

Males, aged 18 to 25


Dawood is a Muslim first. And his religion encompasses being a good husband, a good father, a good Australian, and a good person. He finds behaving like a good person towards KB difficult at the start, but slowly begins to warm up to him as he starts to see a different side to the music artist. Dawood is a loyal husband to Sarah and a nurturing father to Nur. He tries to better his wife's little brother in his own way...with somewhat mixed results.

Males, aged 26 to 36

  • Ethnicity: Indian, Middle Eastern, Pakistani, Other


One of Patrick’s friends on and off the worksite, Christian is a very talented freestyler. A secretive individual, he tries to keep everything to himself, worried about really taking a chance on his art. He’s clever enough to know when to take his opportunity though, and does just that when KB waltzes into his life.

Males, aged 20 to 26


KB’s manager and strangely, a friend of his as well. Martin tries his best to help, going above and beyond what is necessary for his client.

Males, aged 20 to 70


Martin’s new receptionist, she is not a big fan of KB or his rambunctiousness. Would much prefer Martin not to go above and beyond what is necessary for his client.

Females, aged 20 to 70


KB's model ex-girlfriend could probably be best described as the direct opposite of Elle. Vapid, empty headed, narcissistic, and only around for the clout, she brings about KB’s downfall.

Females, aged 18 to 35


Exceptionally tender and warm, in particular to his nephew, Ehsan has aged like fine wine and is still as handsome as he used to be. His charming smile hides a dark secret he’s kept to himself most of his life.

Males, aged 45 to 55

  • Ethnicity: Middle Eastern
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