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Actors Required for Short Fantasy Film (Gold Coast)

Actors Required for Short Fantasy Film (Gold Coast)

Queensland, Australia. Apply from all Australia.

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THE DRUID PROPHECY is a Bond University graduation film. This film was greenlit by a panel of industry professionals and a lot of time, effort and money will be contributed to the film to produce the best possible result. It will be a very high quality addition to your showreel and will also aim to be screened at both domestic and international film festivals, such as Cannes and Sundance. This could be your big break!

Supported by a passionate and committed team of creatives, this is a film about twins, sibling love and sacrifice.


Fraternal twins are inseparable, but when one learns of a secret deal with the druids, an ancient ritual and a terrible debt, they discover just how far they will go to protect each other.

Think a cross between 'The Lord of the Rings', 'Merlin' (TV show), 'Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters' and 'Bridge to Terabithia'.

All minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Audition / Rehearsal / Production dates

Auditions negotiable. Final filming dates are being locked down, but production will take place for approximately 1 week between Mid-September to Mid-October, 2019.

Job payment

This job is unpaid - Payment negotiable.

Expenses paid - Depending on amount of funding received, a contribution or full reimbursement for travel costs will be payed.


Jack is a cheeky, lovable and handsome. He has never lost his sense of humour and tends to have a flair for the dramatic. He embodies all the good values a ‘prince’ should have, despite the lower-class status of his family. Despite having rarely ventured far beyond his cottage in the woods, Jack’s greatest desire is to travel and see new places.

Inspiration: Merlin from ‘Merlin’, Prince Caspian from ‘Narnia’, Jamie from ‘Outlander’, Will from ‘Shannara Chronicles’ and Harry Potter.

Males, aged 18 to 35

  • Acting experience: Previous unpaid speaking roles


Eva is a bold, brave and strong young woman with a passion for hunting, horseback riding and exploration. She loves adventure and has developed an intelligent and quick-witted personality, which comes in handy when engaging in banter with her brother. She has a naturally curious and carefree soul, but is reluctant for her brother to move out as she knows she will miss him dearly.

Inspiration: Moana, Merida from ‘Brave’, Amberle from ‘Shannara Chronicles’, Elizabeth Swann and Hermione.

Females, aged 18 to 35

  • Acting experience: Previous unpaid speaking roles


Grandma is a very typical stereotype of the ‘Fairytale Grandmother’ character. She has short silver hair and twinkling blue eyes and is often known to be seated in her favourite rocking chair. She is kind and caring and acts as a parental figure for her grandkids, however in this story her warm demeanour is shrouded by a dark secret. She can tolerate the rambunctious nature of her grandchildren and oftentimes encourages them to play, but she draws the line at broken ornaments or physical injury.

Females, aged 60 and over


The Druids worship both nature and balance. They are a powerful, ancient and peaceful people, with powers beyond the realm of men. Wherever they go, an air of mystery and ‘the unknown’ tends to follow. They are often found in the woods and among their sacred standing stones, cloaked in white robes and shrouded in mist.

Inspiration: Druids from ‘Merlin’, Allanon from ‘Shannara Chronicles’, Dementor from ‘Harry Potter’.

Anyone, aged 18 and over


Eva loves to muck around with her twin brother Jack and loves him fiercely. She is bold and brave and has quite the adventurous streak, but respects her Grandmother and knows when enough is enough. She loves to play 'dress-up' with Jack, often opting for wolf furs and crowns. Anywhere she goes, Jack follows, and vice-versa.

Inspiration: Leslie from ‘Bridge to Terabithia’.

Females, aged 8 to 13


Jack, unlike his twin sister, is a bit of a rule breaker and doesn't know when enough is enough. He is very mischievous and often goes too far when playing rough. However, he is a noble young man and will own up to his mistakes. When playing ‘dress-up’ with his twin sister Eva, he often opts for a billowing cloak and a crown of leaves. He is very close with Eva and would do anything for her.

Inspiration: Max from 'Where the Wild Things Are'.

Males, aged 8 to 13

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