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Actors Needed for TV Pilot Episode

Actors Needed for TV Pilot Episode

London, UK
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The script for the 'Project Red' pilot episode is almost finished and the characters are solidified!

Project Red is looking for 15 actors to take part in an episode, intended to be pitched in the next few months. If you are interested, please select from the following list.

We look forward to welcoming you to the team!!

StarNow note for talent: Please note the Advertiser has indicated this production contains strong themes including violence/gore and minors are involved in shooting these scenes. Applicants may wish to clarify further details with the advertiser before attending an audition.

The owner of this listing has agreed to abide by local 'working with children' regulations. All minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Audition / Rehearsal / Production dates

Given the current restrictions, most/all auditions will be done by either submitted readings from scenes or 121 Skype calls.

Job payment

Unpaid – this is a collaboration opportunity - We are unfunded, but should we get a successful pitch/receive any funding, profits will be shared

Collaborations should create mutual benefit and are usually amateur, student or 'Time for Print' projects.

All advertisers agree to abide by the UK National Minimum Wage Act and are responsible for defining the nature of their production and any payment requirements. Find out more.


This rarely seen antagonist of the pilot comes across as a manipulative monster, seeing all around her as pawns in her endless pursuit of revenge. If you are selected, talks will be in place for appearances in most future episodes in the first season! Please ONLY apply if you are sure you can commit to the project in the long term. There are no key requirements other than of young to middle age and moderately athletic

Anyone, aged 29 to 41

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Treated as the primary protagonist, Frank is a young, widowed father with a 13 year old child to look after. After her death at the start of the episode sets in motion his unstoppable fall from grace as an unknown figure starts pulling him further down to the point of insanity, and against the only ally he has left.

Male, aged 33 to 46

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A psychiatrist and strong ally to Frank after his wife's death and even more determined to rid him of the pain of his daughters death. The walls slowly closing in on Frank, Gabriel finds himself back in a place he hoped he would never see again, one that no one (especially Frank) should ever see.

Male, aged 35 to 55

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A short appearance in the episode, Daisy is a child that finds herself becoming the matriarch of the house, having to watch her father slowly drift into a childish state after the death of her mother. Swiftly maturing and recovering from the experience, she stands as her fathers rock. This is all snuffed out before the opening title crawl as she is killed in a drive-by, organised by Antigone. She reappears in a later dream sequence, throttling the father, blaming himself for her death

Female, aged 13 to 16

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Extra: The Hitman is only seen once and for the final time, as a scarred and sinister character approaches him, a container of acid in his hand and a large grin on his face, his eyes burning purple in the swinging, over-head light. The Hit-man shows no remorse, a cocky and arrogant thug, not aware he has met the closest thing to a 'real' monster.

Male, aged 18 to 30

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Extra: a brief appearance but one that offers the viewer a very short moment out of the bleakness of the episode and reminds them that there are still good, empathetic people in the world. He tries to cheer up Frank and is concerned about his mental state. A rare, likable guy in the midst of Antigones sinister plans.

Male, aged 18 to 26

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Locals (x5)

Extras: A VERY brief scene requires a cluster of locals to surround Daisy after her death. This will take place outside and key regulations will be present throughout. The allocated number may be reduced should guidelines change. Little to no dialogue is used but murmuring and occasional raised voices are used during the scene. *Some applicants may be brought back for further roles!

Anyone, aged 18 to 67

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Police Inspector

Extra: The investigation into who killed Daisy has been underway for some time but something seems... off. The police have suddenly stopped and a lot of 'leads' have suddenly vanished. Only one officer is taking it seriously but his behavior in the meeting has brought a trembling lip of fear...

Anyone, aged 24 to 35

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Private detective

Extra: A private firm has offered assistance to a troubled father after her daughter is gunned down in the streets, and the investigation is shutting down. Something has to be done but then they get a strange visitor... and the allocated detective is fired, with no replacement.

Anyone, aged 30 to 42

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Agency spokesperson (voice over work!)

Extra: A young member of a private investigations agency has some uneasy news she has to give to a widowed father. There is nothing else that can be done...

Female, aged 18 to 34

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Listing created: 28 September 2020
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