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Actors for Comedy Feature Film

Actors for Comedy Feature Film

New South Wales, Australia
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Hi everyone we are auditioning for a feature film that is heading into pre-production.

For now we will ask for applications early on in the casting process to get an idea of how many applicants would be interested.

Once we have a handful of picks we will conduct a reading of the film, either zoom or table read. We will be following all covid guidelines if the later.

The genre is comedy and is follows a similar formulae to a Hollywood style Will Ferrell or Adam Sandler movie with a dash of Scary movie 4.

StarNow note for talent: No examples of previous work available.

Job payment

Payment TBC

Expenses paid - TBC


Angela is the love interest and inspires the protagonist to action. She's supportive, feminine and tough when she needs to be. An intelligent actress who can play both intelligent and ditsy, supportive and with great comedic timing. However we welcome all actresses to apply, don't shortchange yourself, we can work on the acting if you fit the part.

Female, aged 25 to 35

  • Height: 156 cm / 5ft 1in - 180 cm / 5ft 11in
  • Acting experience: Extra, Previous unpaid speaking roles, Previous paid speaking roles
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Coach is one of the three principal roles. Coach has to be spot on. Imagine Rocky Balboa's coach, now be that but a parody version. Coach is Fire. He is Passionate. Not afraid to explode but it all comes from a place of love and support for the protagonist. He's also a little bit of a creep as he hits on Angela quite a lot but this is a comedy and it's meant to be harmless. Above all he's a pro boxing coach. Boxing is his life. Everything. Lives in his gym type of guy.

Male, aged 38 to 70

  • Acting experience: Extra, Previous unpaid speaking roles, Previous paid speaking roles
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Julio 'The Dragon' Sanchez

Julio is the main antagonist. Think Ben Stiller's character in Dodgeball. He's a flashy world champion boxer who wears Pierre Cardin suits and surrounds himself with bodyguards and hot babes wherever he goes. A real show pony. So the actor playing this has be able to have fun and get into a character. Being able to improv is a real bonus. Bear in mind the name can change possibly so for now we are taking all applications for actors of all looks/types.

Male, aged 25 to 35

  • Acting experience: Previous unpaid speaking roles, Previous paid speaking roles
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Warren is the manager at a burger joint. He/She, as we're open to both genders playing this role for now, is a douchebag. Money driven, profits over people, hangs his manager of the year picture on the wall and prides himself on being a stickler. He's the epitome of someone who has no soul and tries to crush people's dreams. A fun character to play.

Anyone, aged 28 to 45

  • Acting experience: Extra, Previous unpaid speaking roles, Previous paid speaking roles
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Roy is the father of our protagonist. He has 2 scenes in the film but they are two of the most important scenes, story wise. He too was a champion boxer. Think Ricky Bobby's dad from Talladega nights, but just the attitude of the character don't have to look like him at all.

Male, aged 35 to 50

  • Ethnicity: Latinx / Hispanic, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern
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Ronald or Big Ron

Ron is a boxing promoter. He's also the manager of our antagonist. Flashy, but not like Don King. Charismatic without taking over. He is in a couple of scenes. He also has a major role in launching the protagonist into the journey of the story.

Male, aged 30 to 50

  • Acting experience: Extra, Previous unpaid speaking roles, Previous paid speaking roles
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Sergey "The Hammer" Selezki

Big, Mean scary looking. I'm talking juiced up. Meat head. Bodybuilder. Sergey is a juiced up boxer who destroys our protagonist in the ring. Definitely the Russian from Rocky but even meaner. Think WWF wrestler and that's the way in your character!

Male, aged 25 to 35

  • Height: 181 cm / 5ft 11in - 194 cm / 6ft 4in
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Security guard

Hilarious little bit role. The security guard in this film will be remembered for their part! Think Seth Rogan or another famous actor playing a bit role in a movie. That could be you. As with all these roles comedic tone is necessary but the way the script is written it almost works on it's own!

Male, aged 27 to 45

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Angela's friends - 2 guys and 2 girls

Small roles. Two couples. Fun couple of scenes at a party. Again, just like the security guard role, these little bit roles have big laughs in them. Great fun moments!!!

Anyone, aged 25 to 40

  • Acting experience: Extra, Previous unpaid speaking roles, Previous paid speaking roles
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Gavin and Michael

Our two sports commentators. These guys are essential to the film. Think the two commentators from "Semi-pro" (the Will Ferrell flick), and you basically have the characters! Also able to improv is a huge plus, we want to see genuine chemistry between the two commentators.

Male, aged 25 to 50

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Two featured reporters who will be asking questions required. Will be required for one scene. Great way to get into a feature film without taking a big role. If you ever wanted to play a reporter/media person here's your chance

Anyone, aged 26 to 57

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Employee who works at the burger joint. Will be in three scenes all of which will have some dialogue with the protagonist!! All types welcome to apply. Character is very placid/passive. Young!

Anyone, aged 18 to 25

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Other small roles that may or may not have lines

Anyone, aged 18 and over

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Listing created: 22 October 2020
Applications close: 5 December 2020
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