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Actors Wanted for Main and Supporting Roles in Student Short Film

Actors Wanted for Main and Supporting Roles in Student Short Film

Victoria, Australia
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We are a group of University students shooting our final project and would love some friendly actors and actresses to feature in our short film.

Jack, a shy 17 year old, lives with his father, Mark, an old school, alpha male type whom Jack has never been close with, especially now.

2 years ago, Jack’s mother died, leaving Jack feeling as if he lost his ally/role model and struggles to figure out who he is without the presence of his mother.

Jack often likes to get carried away with flashbacks of his mother, the way she was so full of life, colourful in appearance, affectionate, and close with Jack. Without knowing, Mark always finds a way to ruin these moments of happiness.

Jack attempts to connect with his dad through things his mother used to do, such as cooking, music, etc but it all goes unnoticed.

Mark avoids connection with his son in fear he won’t be the kind of ‘man’ he can talk to about blokey things, someone just like him. He is under the impression you must have things in common in order to have things to talk about.

One day whilst rummaging through some of his mum’s old clothes and make up, Jack feels closer to her, and puts on one of her old dresses for fun. But once again, while he tries to enjoy the memory of her his father interrupts and this time he is really angry.

With the help of one of his female friends, Mel, Jack starts to realise he can still find a way to be close to his mother and look up to her. Most importantly he can still be a man, just not how his father would like him to be.

During a BBQ for Mark’s birthday, his mates Steve, Robert and Wayne are there. Jack, on his way out with Mel, appears in women's clothing and makeup. This infuriates his father and he is humiliated in front of his friends.

Jack decides the right decision is to move out with Mel who he begins a relationship with, giving his father space.

Full script available upon request.

Audition / Rehearsal / Production dates

Production dates aren't finalised as of yet, however we plan on shooting during January over the course of a few days.
Dates will be finalised at a later stage.

Job payment

Unpaid – this is a collaboration opportunity

Collaborations should create mutual benefit and are usually amateur, student or 'Time for Print' projects.

Jack - Male Lead

- Son of Mark and Caroline - 17 years old. Straight - Socially awkward at the best of times - Sporty. Loves football and basketball. - Compared to his father, he would be categorized as a Beta male - Had a very close relationship with his mother - Has a small group of friends, but one main one, Mel - Typical teenage boy - Tries his best to have a good relationship with his Father - Grieving over his mother

Male, aged 18 to 25

Applications closed 26 December 2020.

Mel - Female Lead

- Typical teengaer (17), Straight - Jack's best friend as they bonded over their mutual love of video games - Eccentric in her looks, similarities to Caroline. - She is kind, well mannered, non-judgemental, cares for Jack - Positive and supportive - Represents similar traits that Caroline had, which is why Jack gets along with Mel so well

Female, aged 18 to 25

Applications closed 26 December 2020.

Mark - Supporting Role

- Husband to Caroline and Father to Jack - Middle aged (45) straight - Alpha male type, blokey, stereotypically ‘true blue’ - Doesn’t talk about or show his feelings, think it’s unmanly to do so - After a year he still hasn’t given himself a chance to grieve properly after the death of his wife, as he views that as weak. - Likes to keep to himself - Acts like everything is ok around his son as he thinks opening up and talking about things is unmanly

Male, aged 40 to 58

Applications closed 26 December 2020.


- Middle aged (40) - Glue of the family - Full of life - Always wore a lot of colour - Affectionate, progressive, artsy - Always had positive energy - Kept everyone in line - Was Mark’s rock, only one who truly understood how he worked

Female, aged 36 to 52

Applications closed 26 December 2020.


- Middle aged man - Is the quiet one within the friendship group - Still fits into the typical male stereotype - Tends to only talk to agree with someone so he feels like he fits in with the group

Male, aged 40 to 60

Applications closed 26 December 2020.


- Middle aged man - Has similar characteristics to Mark - Loud, obnoxious, smartarse - Fits into the male stereotype - Joker within the friendship group

Male, aged 40 to 60

Applications closed 26 December 2020.


- Middle aged man - True blue - Fits into the male stereotype - Stubborn, likes to say his opinion

Male, aged 40 to 60

Applications closed 26 December 2020.

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