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'The Denmark Boy's' (TV Pilot)

'The Denmark Boy's' (TV Pilot)

London, UK
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TV Series

The project is a pilot, for crime comedy drama set in east London, 2017.
When Harry, a young man in his 20's is released from an mental institute, after spending 6 years in prison, for a crime he did not commit, he comes home only to find, that the head of the family empire, has been murdered, by another family member, and finds them slyly taking over the business and trying to run his crew, unsuccessfully, and diminishing their reputation, this castrates Harry onto a bloody path of revenge as he investigates, the murder, all the while enticing a ghost from the past, in the form of a female detective, of English and Arabic heritage, into a game of cat and mouse.

This is an opportunity, for up and coming artists, with TV/film credits, particularly with the BBC/Netflix/Amazon, as the majority of the talented cast have BBC and channel 4 credits, a couple of which are known faces from Eastenders, Top Boy and Attack Of the Block just to name a few.

Casting will be done via self tape, successful applicants will be invited for an audition in London.

Please send all submissions with a showreel, if successful, you will be contacted via email, with an extract of the script, and more info on the self tape.

If you have any questions, feel free to message me, if not we look to your submissions.

Job payment

Payment TBC

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CLIVE, Male, mid-late 40's, Caucasian, large build

CLIVE has recently murdered the head of his family, in order the take of his business and criminal empire, and subsequently, manipulating his way into a sexual relationship, with the recently deceased family members wife, Ruthless cunning, and has cham, aswell as an air of smugness not as smart as he thinks he is, will stop at nothing to get what he wants short tempered, which eventually be his downfall.

Anyone, aged 18 and over

Applications closed 1 April 2021.

DIMITRI, Male, late 40's-50's Eastern European

DIMITRI - long grey/white hair perhaps a beard aswell, gangster boss, semi retired, But still a man of means and wealth. Old friend and business partner of the deceased family member, doesnt trust CLIVE, has a fondness for the deceased family members son, aiding him in his bloody crusade of investigating Kieran's murder. warm an empathetic, but by all means a Boss. A native Russian speaking actor is desirable but not essential. MUST BE ABLE TO SPEAK IN A CONVINCING RUSSIAN ACCENT.

Anyone, aged 40 to 50

Applications closed 1 April 2021.

MARCEL, Male, mid-late 40's Afro Caribbean/african

MARCEL Kierans right hand of the crew and his closest friend,battle worn, yet agile, has a strong presence and an air of wistful ness, Shakespearean, yet Cockney,experienced, knows the streets of London well, a man of means, loyal to the brim, and sharp as a whip, see alot of his former friend in HARRY, and believes in his intelligence, his ability to lead, despite his obvious flaws, and will do anything to protect the integrity of the crew even if his actions seem questionable . . .

Anyone, aged 40 to 50

Applications closed 1 April 2021.

NELSON, Male, late 30's-40's,

Nelson is the Solicitor and accountant of an organised crime syndicate, and is an active member of the crew, is a bit of a gentle giant, and although gentle in spirit, he enjoys beating up bad men whom he feels deserves it, slightly moany, or dry humour/sarcastic, petrified of all things paranormal and rodents, is the only one out of the crew who has a successful marriage.

Anyone, aged 38 to 48

Applications closed 1 April 2021.

JOANNE, female, late 40's-50's, caucasian petite,

JOANNE - Small in stature, but packs a punch, has a voice, is not afraid to use it, bit of a gossip, but means well, knows Everyone on the estate and there life story, and probably everyones secrets, although it may not be a secret for much longer once she does, bred in East London, heart of gold, and is a bit of a double act with her grandaughter LEANNE, who lives with her, whom she has raised, and is very protective of.

Anyone, aged 45 to 60

Applications closed 1 April 2021.

LEANNE, Female,18-mid 20's, Caucasian,

LEANNE- Young, sheltered, lives with her grandmother, who raised her and acts more like an overbearing mother, but LEANNE, in her heart, knows she is trying to keep her safe, from the darkside of growing up on an estate, born and bred in East London, and loves her for it, even if she doesn't show it, empathic, and sees the good in People, trapped in an abusive relationship with an older, and abusive man, has a crush on a would be local hero, whom she knew of, when she was growing up.

Anyone, aged 18 to 25

Applications closed 1 April 2021.

x2 Russian Bodyguards/Gangsters

BodyGuards/ gangsters, who work for DIMITRI, ex military/ bodybuilder types, preferable native Eastern European, and preferable And can speak an Eastern European language, as one of them will have a line of Dialogue, but not essential, as it can be done in English, but one must be able to do a convincing Russian accent.

Anyone, aged 28 to 39

Applications closed 1 April 2021.

Julius , black, 40's Tall, joker, Cockney/Jamacian

Julius - Male, 40's, afro Caribbean, Tall/Lanky, comedic timing and ability is essential, good command of physical comedy. has struggled with substance misuse, after the death of his wife. Father of Shiela And TYRELL both in thier 20's , Cockney/Jamaican patwah. Male, aged 40 and over

Anyone, aged 40 to 50

Applications closed 1 April 2021.

Extras : Pub crowd

Extras - Pub crowd need a crowd of people for a pub scene, no experience necessary. Anyone, aged 18 and over

Anyone, aged 18 and over

Applications closed 1 April 2021.

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