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Canvas - LGBTQ+ Student Short Film - Multiple Roles

Canvas - LGBTQ+ Student Short Film - Multiple Roles

Queensland, Australia
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Casting is underway for 'Canvas', an LGBTQ+ JMC Academy Grad Film by Zack Calvert, and we're on the lookout for some fantastic talent to bring aboard.

• Shooting will be primarily in the Greater Brisbane Area.
• Earn an IMDB Qualifying Credit.
• Meals provided.
• LGTBQ+ Safe Space.
• COVID-Safe Set.

When Alec, a twenty two year old transgender man who hides behind an anonymous online alias as an artist is evicted from his home and must move back home where he is not out , he takes up an estranged offer from an art gallery to hold an exhibition to raise funds to get out. But, when he is in a place that holds his past and forces him to be who he is not, he must now must come to terms with who he is and figure out what is the right way to go in spite of the fact that Alec struggles to accept himself and must confront his two identities and could lose his family.

D I R E C T O R ' S S T A T E M E N T
"With this film, it is looking to make a dent in a media form where the representation does not exist for those that are transgender, particularly looking at young transgender men. Growing up, there was a lack of this in the media, and there still is with that in the last 10 years, less 10 trans male roles could be listed. This, would be the kind of film that some young trans man would have appreciated seeing, given the chance. It also is not the same sore story in the ones that do exist. With the ones that exist, it is the same story of young trans boy is not out, realizes, behind closed doors changes their appearance while living with their family and show dangerous transition methods, and have a screaming match with one or both parents. This, is different, this person already knows who they are and are forced back into a circumstance where they feel they have to hide and are forced to confront their past, and in turn, future. Also, it is a way to reassure people that they are no less valid for second guessing themselves, as this is a common thing that happens in the real world where people are unsure of their identity but alas it is not something that is seen." - Zack Calvert

Audition / Rehearsal / Production dates

April 26th - 2nd May 2021

Job payment

Unpaid – this is a collaboration opportunity - Student Film, Fantastic Experience, Festival Potential

Collaborations should create mutual benefit and are usually amateur, student or 'Time for Print' projects.

Alec (Lead)

A young transgender male around 20-25 years of age who completely out socially... except to his own family. Alec hasn't started medically transitioning yet and rests around 5"4 - 5"10. He is a successful artist but is under an anonymous alias online, "Masquer", as he fears his own ridicule despite his success. He is a rather internally anxious and insecure individual who will jump to worst case scenarios and doesn't know how he got to where he is at all, while at the same time, feigns false self

Anyone, aged 18 to 28

Applications closed 13 April 2021.


A female around 20-25 who had known Alec before coming out and regardless still fell in love with him all the same. Cameron would be around 5"2 - 5"8 in height, and no set appearance. She is always Alec's biggest supporter and helping hand and was the first person he confided in when he was questioning. She would sooner put someone else above herself and encourages others where she can, but in turn this has made her soft spoken and is less likely to talk about herself and her feelings and probl

Female, aged 18 to 28

Applications closed 13 April 2021.


A mature middle aged woman around 40 - 47. Sandra has a very traditional belief set as to how someone should conduct their life and what is considered success. She does care greatly for her family, but this signal can be missed by others because of her stricter attitude to raising a family, scared her children will turn to delinquency otherwise and have a poor quality of life. She simply wishes the best for her children, whether it comes across to them or not.

Female, aged 32 to 50

Applications closed 13 April 2021.


A man around 42 - 49 years old and is most certainly a product of his time with his poor humour that could potentially upset those of younger generations. But, Andrew holds no ill intentions, and simply wishes for his children to be happy with their lives, even if it means being a bit out there since he was when he was younger. He is a seemingly gentle giant and positive force.

Male, aged 35 to 55

Applications closed 13 April 2021.


A 14 year old girl starting her journey through her teen years. She relatively energetic and a go-getter, recklessly taking her opportunities by the horns, if her mother does not stop her. Willow is painfully optimistic and when she was younger, had admired her older sibling.

Female, aged 18 to 19

Applications closed 13 April 2021.


A young curator around 24 -29. Andy is the one to reach out to "Masquer" about the exhibition. They comes across as relatively laid back, and it shows in their appearance, but they take their curator work very seriously and consider themselves as a guide to the new generation of art.

Anyone, aged 22 to 32

Applications closed 13 April 2021.

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