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Ongoing Contract Reviewing Home and Garden Products for Advertisements

Ongoing Contract Reviewing Home and Garden Products for Advertisements

Job can be done from home within Australia
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The Casting Professional is online now.The Casting Professional is online now.
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Hey there!

We are looking for a few models/actors/actresses to review some products for a home and garden niched store.

Time-frame: Must film within three days of receiving the products and this can be done in the comfort of your own home!
We will pay in product and a fee after the job has been completed satisfactorily.

If filming from home you must:
- Use a DSLR, iPhone X OR Newer
- Use a ring light or have strong lighting using good natural light
- Know the benefits and key features off by heart and be able to follow our video structure
- Have fun with it!

If you create content for us we have a specific structure but the main boxes we like to tick are:
1. Good lighting: Good lighting can be a ring light or it can just be using the sun to your advantage when making content.

2. Authenticity: We don't want the content to seem scripted or fake.

3. Story-telling: We want to tell a story with the content we produce so we can relate to people and everyday problems.

For example one of our products is an aroma diffuser with a wood grain finish.

A story for this could be: "So I've been studying/working late nights lately and it's really built up my stress, so i looked at a solution that would ease my stress levels! I decided to try out this diffuser and it's signature 'stress less' scent that has been a lifesaver.

When i smell the scent, while I'm working it's great because i feel like i can focus and think clearly. Then when i stop working i also feel super relaxed.

The diffuser has 4 timer settings, i usually set mine to a 1 hour interval and set it to the highest mist mode!
This has been great for me and I'm excited to try the new scents, to learn more you can check out the link in the description"

Please note, the reviews must be genuine for all of the featured products!

Job payment

Payment TBC - Payment is made between 0-7 days after the video is submitted and approved

Expenses paid - We will cover all expenses

Product reviewer for home and garden products

Anyone, aged 18 and over

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Listing created: 4 April 2021
Applications close: 30 June 2021
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