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Actors Needed for Short Film 'The Savvy Bedlam Boarding House'

Actors Needed for Short Film 'The Savvy Bedlam Boarding House'

New South Wales, Australia
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Shortlisting is underway now.Shortlisting is underway now. We recommend applying as soon as possible.
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The Savvy Bedlam Boarding House is a story of a wacky offbeat artistic tenancy and two roommates, one a riotous rock and roll poet the other a conservative western dime novel writer. This incongruous pair clash on every level of living, often in a hilarious and dramatic manner. They need to live together and make things work, or they’ll find themselves out on the streets.

The job is paid!
Please apply as you desire, we look forward to hosting auditions via zoom.

Audition / Rehearsal / Production dates

Production: 20 September to 24 September
Rehearsal: (Rehearsals will begin as soon as casting is completed)

Job payment

Payment TBC

UPDATE: Unfortunately due to the COVID situation here in Newcastle we will have to postpone auditions and the shoot to Early 2022.

This may be a long ways away, but it means we can pump even more funds into production and open up more opportunities to enter festivals.

Apologies for the news.

Edited 07 August 2021


Auditions begin January 2022 and shooting begins March!

Edited 17 December 2021


George is the main character and audience proxy as we explore The Savvy Bedlam Boarding House. George is a struggling dime novel writer, he is clean cut, practical, patient, slightly laconic and non confrontational. ? Age range: 21-25 (Flexible based on performance) ? Requirement: Long shaggy/curly hair preferred

Male, aged 20 to 25

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Lou Candy

Lou is our central antagonist to our protagonist George and to the world at large around him. He’s a rock and roll poet, think Lou Reed, Jim Morrison and Patti Smith. He’s a restless artist, switching between multiple disciplines and mediums several times a day regularly. Every action he makes is for Art’s sake. ? Age range: 21-25 (Flexible based on performance) ? Requirement: Long shaggy/curly hair preferred

Male, aged 20 to 25

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Ray is the physically and judgmentally blind Landlord of The Savvy Bedlam Boarding House. He’s a little bit ‘greasy’ with shallow pockets but ultimately kind of heart. ? Age range: 50-75 (Flexible based on performance) ? Requirement: Rugged looking and can convincingly act blind

Male, aged 50 to 75

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Sugar Cube

Sugar, one of the resident artists of the boarding house, is an artist and a performer, she cultivates herself as a living work of Art through her colourful and intricate clothing ensembles she designs for herself. Sugar is visually expressive and flamboyant while also having a quiet and sardonic disposition and being generally dismissive of those around her. ? Age range:21-35 (Flexible based on performance) ? Requirement: Willing to smoke prop cigarettes

Female, aged 21 to 35

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Scooter is the janitor of the Savvy Bedlam Boarding House as well as being one of its resident artists who is a pioneer of ‘Mop Art’. He is a laconic cowboy wise beyond his years, who offers sage one-liners of advice. ? Age range: 21-25 (Flexible based on performance) ? Requirement: Can do a southern accent.

Male, aged 20 to 25

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Listing created: 18 July 2021
Applications close: 1 February 2022
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